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Plastic Surgery & Demographics – The Kind of Plastic Surgery People Get Depends on Where They Live

It is not uncommon to hear people complain about physical features that they do not like – thin lips, big arms, small buttocks, or too large a nose.  In fact, you can rarely meet someone today who is satisfied with how they look.  You can try asking the most gorgeous people you know and we bet they will still give you an answer.  Seeing oneself through a microscopic lens to find even the smallest of flaws can largely be attributed to current trends in society and social media.  And to correct said flaws, people are turning to plastic surgery.

We now live in a world dominated by a ‘selfie culture’, and it’s the biggest factor that shapes the popular trends in plastic surgery.  Research has shown that the demand for non-invasive surgeries on younger people had a dramatic rise in the recent years, and they project that it will continue to move up in the years to come.  Nonetheless, social media is not the only factor that contributes to the rise in popularity of different cosmetic procedures.  As it turns out, what procedure you are likely to get can be predicted based on where you live.

Trust the Reports

When the ASPS or the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released their annual report on plastic surgeries this year, along with the data that obviously states how the medical procedure is now having rising incidences in men, as well as which cosmetic procedures are trending the most, is how your physical location has a link to what you will most probably get for yourself in the future.  To ensure that ASPS will be able to get the data on regional trends, it first gathered the most prevalent cosmetic procedure treatments acquired – both for non-invasive and surgical procedures.  ASPS then tried to come up with an explanation on why some procedures are popular in some parts of the country, while not on others.

The West and South in Contrast

The West Coast includes the states of Nevada and California, where cosmetic surgery is really quite popular.  We all know California, of course, is where Hollywood is located – the home of stars.  And if there is one job is the world where cosmetic surgery is prevalent, it’s of course one that capitalizes on looks or physical appearance.  According to ASPS, 36% of breast augmentation procedures came from the western states, with Nevada and California largely contributing to this numbers.  This is not to say, though, that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the west, only that the largest portion of treatments came from the said region.  Needless to say, the said procedure still remains to be the most popular one in the country.

In contrast to the prevalence of procedures to increase the size of one’s breast in the West, is its unpopularity in the South, while one of the requested cosmetic procedure is the removal of breast implants.  Experts are pointing to weather as explanation for the contrasting trends.  Because of the warmer climate in some parts in the West, people, specifically women, tend to show more skin in fashion, therefore the need to look great in such outfits.  In places in the South, though, where it’s mostly cold all throughout the year, fashion means covered up from head to foot.

The Northeast

Northeast where New York is located, a state which has a culture that predominantly is corporate; the need to look good is a priority.  Surprisingly, the highest percentage of male breast reduction (33%) comes from the Northeast.  It’s not uncommon for men to have larger than common-sized breasts, and it turns out a lot of corporate men are turning to plastic surgery to reduce them.

Experts believe the drive has something to do with men feeling confident with their physical appearance in the workplace.  It is either they do not have the time to work out because of their jobs, or exercises cannot really do the trick. With regard to breast augmentation in women, it’s not really popular in the Northeast, possibly because of the cold weather as well.  According to ASPS, breast augmentation did not even make it to the top five cosmetic procedures in the Northeast despite of it being the most popular one in the country.

The rising trend in cosmetic surgery procedures, specifically the non-invasive ones, even spas with people not certified to perform cosmetic surgeries can offer them.  Experts suggest to always do your homework before getting treatments done, and do a background check.  If doctors are not board certified, then do not get a cosmetic procedure from them no matter how cheap the offer is.  It’s better to be careful than to regret your decision – take it from the botched cosmetic procedure stories, with some even involving celebrities.

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