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People Undergoing The Most Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

Plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery can sometimes be interchanged by people but there are few aspects why these two vary. Cosmetic surgery focuses more on enhancing beauty and appearance, while plastic surgery focuses more on repairing damaged parts of the face. These damages can be brought by accidents or natural-birth deformities.

Cosmetic surgery has been a part of many people’s lifestyles that some are just borderline crazy! Getting addicted to these procedures and always finding a new spot to work on, some have been under the needle for more than 20 times and still plan to continue doing it. Enhancing our appearance is not a bad thing but when is time to be satisfied?

Pixee Fox

Pixee Fox removed 6 ribs to achieve her small waist

Fox is a 27-year old Swedish model who has had more than 100 cosmetics procedure. Her features that stand out the most are her chest, lips, and waist- all of which had been enhanced. She also had a procedure to change the color of her natural eyes. The model admits that she looks different from the untouched version of her, but that doesn’t mean she regrets her decisions. Pixee has a goal to have the record of the smallest waist that is why she had rib reduction and uses waist trainers or corsets to help her achieve that goal.

Cindy Jackson

Unlike Pixee who has yet to claim her goal of having the smallest waist, Jackson has already conquered hers and even kept the record of the “most plastic person” for years. She is a 61-year old woman who became Britain’s most surgically enhanced human in 2006. Jackson has gone both surgical and non-surgical procedures since she started in 1987. She still wants to do more procedures, mostly anti-aging ones, but she will not be declaring it because she is already tired of having to keep the title for herself.

Natasha Crown

Natasha Crown’s eating habit is designed to make more fat so she can transfer it to her buttocks

At a young age of 20, Crown had a cosmetic surgery that forever changed her life. According to her, she got addicted to getting procedures done on her buttocks after she had her first. Her buttocks measure a total of 190 cm which makes people stare in disbelief and amazement. Crown says she eats lots of food so that her body will produce more fat so she can transfer it to the area where she wants it most.

Star Delgiudice

Star is one of the people who work hard for money to be able to afford for her cosmetic enhancements. Her first operation was a breast implant when she was still 17 years old because she was bullied on how she looks. At the age of 28, she still continues to go under the knife, including two rhinoplasty operations that caused her nose to collapse. Star already spent about $200,000 on surgical procedures since she started getting one. She also spends money on non-surgical operations like Botox and lip injections.

Bryan Ray

Brian Ray is dedicated to transforming himself to look more like Britney Spears

If others are having procedures to look their best, Ray is doing it to look like Britney Spears. He was determined to look like his pop idol which he views as a woman with the complete package. Because of this goal, Bryan already had 90 procedures done and still counting which cost him more than $80,000. According to him, he will continue to undergo procedures and will enter the world of modeling.

Rodrigo Alves

Just like Ray, Alves is transforming himself to look like someone else- Ken Doll. His addiction to plastic surgery is what beat Cindy Jackson’s title as having the most plastic surgery procedures. He has had a total of 60 plastic surgeries and more than 100 cosmetic enhancements. This list includes 10 nose jobs, fake six-pack, rib reduction, Botox, and more. With all these procedures, Alves already spent more than $700,000 and is still eager to do more procedures.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be the best versions of ourselves. Getting addicted to something is completely different since it puts our health at risk. These enhancements are their personal choices and they still deserve respect. After all, they are still humans despite their unique perspective on what beauty is.

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