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The Next Big Plastic Surgery Trend Is Here And You Won’t Believe What It Is

The world’s most anticipated fashion show of the year aired a week ago as the Victoria’s Secret models strutted down the runway flaunting their perfect bodies and sending waves of shock and envy through every woman watching in the audience. Everyone knows that maintaining a model figure is not easy for the Angels and they must start preparing for the show months in advance.

From working out more than once a day to following strict diets, these perfect-looking women will go to any lengths to get runway ready in time for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But what about the rest of the female population who doesn’t have a single skinny gene in their body and struggle to find the right angle to create the perfect illusion in pictures? Surprisingly, there is a way that you can use to get supermodel legs without having to work out or diet a single day. Want to find out how?

Thighlighting Surgery

Kendall Jenner

The world of plastic surgery is scary and anyone who has gone under the knife knows that beauty is pain. Women around the world are feeling the pressure to achieve perfect, Instagram-model bodies and they are willing to pay any price for it. A new plastic surgery trend has been sweeping the world of Hollywood as the leading ladies of the entertainment industry resort to thighlighting surgery to achieve toned pins for red carpet events.

Thighlighting is a particularly painful process that involves a number of body-contouring procedures using implants in different areas of the body, liposuction to remove any excess fat and a thigh lift to give your legs an airbrushed look. All in all, this expensive surgery is designed to give your legs the makeover of your dreams.

How Much Will This New Beauty Fad Cost You?

Most women who undergo the procedures are unhappy with the way their legs look

Want to rock an Angelina Jolie look in a revealing dress? Turns out that you can also have your favorite actress’ perfect legs with a hefty $9,000 price tag. Gabriel Chiu, a famous plastic surgeon in Hollywood who has been giving expensive makeovers to celebs, revealed in an interview that the rising standards of beauty and perfection in the industry is causing a boom in the plastic surgery business.

He said that most of the women who came to him for procedures were unhappy with the way their legs looked and the leg-contouring surgery gave an immense boost to their confidence. Another successful surgeon in New York said that almost 10 women come to his clinic every week to get the thighlighting procedure and the demand for this surgery is quickly increasing. He says that legs are often women’s worst insecurity since they can have a significant impact on the overall appearance. By contouring the thighs, surgeons are able to create lean legs that look longer and more model-like.

The Procedure Catches On With the Rest of the World

Victoria’s Secret Angels

As complicated as this invasive procedure sounds, the entire operation takes less than two hours and doesn’t have a long recovery time. Typically, patients get discharged the same day if no complications occur. The surgery was first originated in U.S. but as it slowly took off, the trend has been catching on with the rest of the developed world including the UK where women are turning to this quick fix as an alternative to grueling hours of cardio in the gym.

Surgeons reveal that when women walk into their clinic for a thighlighting procedure, they often express their wish to look like A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid. This goes to show the real impact Hollywood and the glam industry has on the psychology of ordinary women. But if you don’t have 10 grands lying around somewhere to spend on this expensive procedure, we suggest you stick to squats and cardio in the gym.


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