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Male Celebrities Who Have Undergone Cosmetic Surgery

 Cosmetic Surgery

Michael Douglas Has Admitted To Having Cosmetic Surgery Before His Wedding To Catherine Zeta-Jones.

It is commonly believed that the procedures of cosmetic surgery are solely reserved for women but it is a fact that famous men are also trying to achieve a youthful appearance by utilizing these procedures. The names of famous men who have undergone cosmetic surgery include Steve Martin, Clint Eastwood, and even the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

In this article, we are looking at a few male celebrities who have undergone cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance. It may seem funny as to why male celebrities that were known for their rugged looks chose to undergo cosmetic procedures but records prove they have done so despite condemning it at some time during their lives.

Let Us Look at The Famous Men Who Underwent Cosmetic Surgery

Billy Crystal

The rumors about Billy Crystal having plastic surgery have been doing the rounds since 2007. Crystal also won his own award for having the worst plastic surgery among celebrities. The rumors had been doing the rounds and claiming that the inability of time to alter Crystal’s forehead and crows feet was the reason for the cosmetic surgery. Some cosmetic surgeons have speculated he may have used Botox on his forehead along with dermal fillers on the plumper cheeks he presently has. Crystal who is the host of Oscar, managed to sail through the controversy by mentioning he hoped to work on the hosting job a few more times.

Clint Eastwood

 Cosmetic Surgery

Clint Eastwood Condemned Cosmetic Surgery But Nevertheless Is Rumored To Have Had It To Maintain His Rugged Appearance.

Rumors were rife in 2007 after the Golden Globe awards about Eastwood having eyelid surgery and laser skin resurfacing. The star of Dirty Harry and numerous Westerners such as The Good the Bad and Ugly and classics like Where Eagles Dare was always known for his rugged looks while exhibiting a charm that looked dirty. Eastwood had condemned the use of cosmetic surgery by saying that older people were the only ones that would try to have the appearance of a 28-year-old. However with stars as young as 28 opting for cosmetic surgery it is possible Eastwood had chosen to remain like he always was.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas was photographed in 2005 in Barbados with a bandage below the left ear sparking rumors he was recovering from a facelift. The rumors were denied by his spokesperson claiming that the marks were caused by surgery to remove some noncancerous lesions. In 2010 Douglas announced he had been diagnosed with throat cancer in the stage IV category to further debunk the rumors of a facelift. However, he also admitted to having a cosmetic procedure before his wedding to Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Tom Cruise

 Cosmetic Surgery

Tom Cruise Is Believed To Have Had Nose Jobs, Liposuction And Laser Skin Resurfacing To Reduce His Appearance By 10 Years.

Plenty of rumors have been circulating about the various cosmetic surgery procedures Tom Cruise has undergone. The rumors speak about nose jobs, liposuction and laser skin treatment. The star of Mission Impossible is believed to follow a strict routine for fitness and a diet and takes just around 1200 to 1300 cal per day but is believed to have made a decision to consider Botox injections to reduce 10 years from his appearance.

Al Pacino

Michael Corleone would not hesitate to make people an offer they couldn’t refuse and possibly couldn’t refuse the offer of aging which was made to him without even asking for it. He is believed to have cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections, apart from a nose job to lift the tip of his nose and laser skin resurfacing. It certainly looks like Pacino seems to have accepted reality but for some reason, refuses to confirm or even deny the information about possible facelifts and brow lifts which he has supposedly had.

Barry Manilow

The name of Barry Manilow is quite often mentioned on the cosmetic surgery circuit and he has been undergoing procedures of a facelift in 1995, eyelid filler in 2003 and thereafter another facelift in 2006. He has also continued using Botox injections throughout these years and therefore manages to maintain his good looks despite his reluctance to admit to cosmetic procedures of any kind.

Vladimir Putin

 Cosmetic Surgery

Russian President Vladimir Putin Has Also Allegedly Had Extensive Cosmetic Surgery And Botox Injections But Has Denied Any Surgical Interventions.

Politicians like Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has also shown his affinity to remove the wrinkles on his face and cosmetic surgeons have reported that it was extensive cosmetic surgery and Botox injections to remove the bags from under his eyes which make them appear different than he really is. The rumors have however been denied by the spokesperson of Putin with the claims that he has not undergone any surgical interventions.

As it can be seen from this article, famous men are not averse to having cosmetic procedures if it suits their requirements. Some like Clint Eastwood has given condemned the procedure but have possibly changed their minds in order to maintain a youthful appearance. Regardless of whether the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will admit to the procedures or not, it can be confirmed that it is likely to be termed as “Fake News.”

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