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Let Our Crystal Ball Show You the Biggest Plastic Surgery Trends of 2019

For our culture which is so selfie-obsessed today, the need to look perfect and filtered, in their images and in reality; has never been stronger. According to American Society of Plastic Surgeons, minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries has grown by 200% since 2000, without any indications of slowing down. As technology advances and research keeps pace with consumer demand, the FDA is expected to approve at least three new, cutting-edge cosmetic procedures in 2019. Below, renowned plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists review trends expected to be most popular in 2019 to restore our bodies.

Injectables can be accessed more easily

It’s actually the era of minimally invasive procedures as per New York surgeons, not only because of low downtime, lower costs, and low invasiveness, but also due to lesser stigma and lower entry barriers. Injectables, skin resurfacing and lasers can now be quick procedures that can be conducted during the lunch hour breaks, often with results that can be immediately visible, and get this; there’s limited downtime– all qualities which are desirable to the modern man or woman.

“Tweak-Ment” better than treatments

Overfilled lips, disproportionate breast enhancements, and over-the-top cosmetic procedures – you can kiss these trends goodbye. Now, if you’ve had a successful cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, it’s trendy that it does not look obvious to others. Patients are increasingly keen to maintain their natural face structure and inherited family traits, while looking their best self. So we can confidently say, the soaring popularity of ‘tweak-ment’ is upon us. Now, people want minuscule little micro-optimizations which make them feel more confident but not completely obvious. Experts have noticed that patients favour a more natural look to boost their self-confidence.

Niche Treatments Are Rising

Small, specific procedures resolve minor but irritating body or facial quirks are becoming very popular. Another recent procedure, addresses the space between your nose and lip, that little Cupid’s bow which elongates with time and can make the lips look ‘older’, so a small cut is administered right below the nose to lift the lip up. This small surgical procedure is very popular, and makes a difference without plumping the lips with filler.

Huge demand for Body Contouring

EmScult is becoming popular in the USA and is the only non-invasive muscle and body fat-shaping procedure, say experts. The handheld tool makes use of magnetic fields to stimulate muscle contractions all over the body and breaks down the deposited fat, while building muscle tone. The fat from our bodies respond to metabolic reaction of contractions by essentially dissapearing, sort of like tricking our body to think that it is working out. This painless procedure was tested in many scientific studies with postive results and doctors are excited to see results delivered in 2019.

Medical Tourism: The end of an era

International medical tourism, mainly for plastic surgery and related procedures, has received it’s share of bad press. What was once a very attractive and cost efficient alternative to surgeries and procedures in one’s own country, now has gotten the clients to carefully consider moving their procedures abroad. It has been noticed by many qualified doctors that their clients flew to South America or Asian countries but returned with botched jobs or complications, which have even caused death. Most of these botched cases require additional surgery to fix them, but results may vary vastly. So people are choosing American Board certified doctors with years of practice. In fact, a sort of ‘reverse medical tourism’ is taking place, with people not choosing to go to lesser developed nations for their surgery, but instead coming to New York or California for them.

Preventive Treatments Will Gain

The year 2018 was big for cosmetic enhancements and plastic surgery, as they both were brought out into the mainstream, 2019 promises to see more of tweak-ments – tiny tweaks and corrections to the body and face – which look way more natural and closer to a person’s god-given features. According to experts, younger patients will start undergoing these procedures as part of preventive treatments, thereby preventing more invasive procedures later on in life. Think of this as upkeep or maintenance, instead of plainly ignoring skin concerns until more serious and drastic measures would be needed to fix them.

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