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Here’s the Low-down on Semi Permanent Make Up

A quick search through Instagram for the hashtags #semipermanentmakeup, #micropigmentation and #permanentmakeup will let you know that the world is experiencing some sort of a cosmetic surgery renaissance. With microblading becoming hugely popular across the globe, procedures such as lip blushes, microfeathering and even freckles called the ‘Markle Sparkle’ save people time by cutting down on their lengthy make up routines every morning. The prospect of saving those 10-15 minutes powdering or pencelling, was so great that even singer Adele and actress Gwyneth Paltrow had the Feathered Brow treatment done. Manually, you might not be able to achieve the right or natural look everyday, but with semi-permanent make up, the results stay consistent, and look more natural.

But it’s not only the prospect of saving some time which promotes this trend, the inks, procedures, techniques and tools have also drastically improved. The inks specially look very realistic and natural, coming in a wide variety of shades, so that your tattoo will not stand out like a sore thumb. As early as 10 years ago, the pigments contained titanium dioxide, which the body eventually broke down and it faded out leaving being unnatural tones of green, pink and blue. Now, the organic pigments last for shorter amount of time, which dissolves naturally and discreetly in the body. This way, the client has a choice of going au natural, or just tattooing over again for the previous results. Let’s break down a few common semi-permanent make up techniques, which are very ‘in’ now.


Semi-permanent eyeliners remains popular, but for an undetectable definition to your eyes, try the latest trend of having pigment micro-droplets nestled between a bunch of lashes to give them a fluttery and naturally thick look. A small tattoo machine is used to deposit the micro-droplets, but relax, as it is very gentle. They are more like electric toothbrushes and uses very light vibrations for the procedure. Even with the gentle approach, your eyes would experience some soreness after the procedure, so do not get it done when you are in a hurry to attend a party or other social engagements. Just like with microblading brows, you need to keep your eyelashes dry for 48 hours post the tattooing.


The process of individually tattooing with hair-like stokes, popularly known as microblading, just keeps branching out with new techniques. Of these techniques is called microfeathering, which is known to mimic the natural hair a client has. The gaps between brow hairs are tattooed in and areas with sparse growth are filled in. Ombré is another trend where the hair towards the face is more faded, while the arches and the rest of the brow are thick and well defined.


Because of the numbing creams used, the procedure feels like someone lightly scratching your eyebrow. Do not panic as the blading machine is loud and you can hear the blade, although you feel nothing. There is no official recovery time, it would differ client to client, but keeping the brow dry for 2 days after the procedure is imperative. You might be alarmed that the color appears too dark right after the procedure, but the pigment fades naturally over time and should last you for about a year or so.


Remember the 90’s trend of well-defined lips? Well that has given birth to full-lip brushes. By outlining the lip’s natural and lost border, you can give yourself a younger appearance with this technique. It can even make your lips look fuller, almost like you’re pouting, without any injections. It leaves behind an amazing hue, and you wouldn’t want to cover that up with lipstick. The name give to the procedure ‘Lip Blushes‘, is so because a darker color is used around to define the lip line, while a softer, blended pigment is used in the middle, with the center of the lip revived almost no color at all. Aftercare is minimal, but do expect some tenderness, just avoid touching your lip and use an antiseptic cream as advised by the aesthetician.

Beauty Spots

A lot of artists have popularized the sun-kissed freckles look, but ever since actress Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, everyone now wants freckles. They have a very youthful feel about them, and now there is a natural way to get freckles without having to sustain any sun damage. First ask the aesthetician to draw the freckles onto your face and check the pattern. After the procedure, you have to keep them dry for at least a week. Yes, your showering routine will become a little tedious, but the results are worth the trouble. Botox and peels have to be stopped 6 weeks before the procedure. And you cannot use fish oil or blood thinning medication so as to avoid bruising.

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