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Here’s What You Should Be Looking For in Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos

Once you’ve have decided that your naturally given assets need a little bit of help and that breast augmentation is the only way out to boost your self-confidence, your work has just begun! You must then identify the right procedure which works for you, as cosmetic surgeons have varying approaches and choosing a proper cosmetic surgeon to assist you in this life-transforming surgical procedure, might at first, seem very overwhelming. It is rather tempting to hope that all skilled surgeons will deliver the same results uniformly for all, but this certainly is not true as procedures, systems, materials used and results achieved vary vastly from surgeon to surgeon.

Choosing the Surgeon

Just like you would choose an architect for designing your home, an interior decorator for getting the right décor/style that suits your tastes or a wedding photographer for choosing your nuptials, finding the right surgeon is a personal choice and one has to be careful before selecting the plastic surgeon who will deliver the best results for you. Plastic surgeons may have their unique patient approaches and overall treatment goals, and this can often be understood by looking at their patient photo galleries depicting before and after surgery pictures. All you need to know is what to look for when you go through the breast augmentation photos of former patients, and this can help you detect minute differences and help you to narrow down to that one final surgeon and their operation theatre facilities that you will be operated in.

Before and after Photos

While it is critical to evaluate the surgeon’s credentials, expertise, experience and safety standards followed at the surgeon’s place of practice, you should necessarily browse through many many before-and-after photos. Not only will you gauge the aesthetics and preferred styles of various plastic surgeons, but you can better understand the results expected, specific to your body type. When you look through photo galleries, you ought to pay specific attention to women who resemble you, with respect to your body type and natural breast shape. It is certainly helpful to look at all available photos, but only procedures performed on women resembling you can help you with a rough idea of what you should expect to get from your breast augmentation surgery.

Some Expert Advice

Here are a few more professional tips which will help you scrutinize the portfolio pictures like a true professional:

  1. Pay close attention to proportion and symmetry. A skilled surgeon understands the math behind beauty and strives for symmetry, as much as possible, for every client. Regardless of the body type you are starting with, the “after” pictures must show an enhancement in the subject’s body proportions.
  2. Question yourself if the outcome looks natural. The ultimate goal of plastic surgery is make someone look their best and transform into the most beautiful version of themselves. If you identify a doctor whose clients look “natural” and “improved” after the surgery, then this is a positive sign.
  3. Look out for stunning results among a wide variety of women. There is a considerable degree of skillfulness and artistry involved in cosmetic surgery, but some surgeons lack skills and depth required to achieve excellent and uniform outcomes on all body shapes. Should most of the pictures look the same; this might indicate that the particular surgeon may not be able to customize methods that suit you.
  4. Check out for calculated scar placements. All surgical procedures leave a scar or multiple scars, but good surgeons can skillfully minimize scarring. Almost all breast augmentation galleries show photos of people in the buff, so you can perceive if the surgeon has positioned the incisions in discreet, less visible locations which can easily be concealed after the surgery.

If undecided, seek a prior consultation

Although these before-and-after pictures could be a great reference point, but it cannot be an alternative for the information available after a personal consultation with a professionally qualified and board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Further, plastic surgery clinics are equipped to provide the best detailed information about which profile, type and size of breast implants could best suit your body, personal aesthetic tastes and overall goals.

Finally, before and after photo galleries can’t tell you with the utmost certainty whether that particular doctor is the best one for you. These are a valuable tool to help limit your search and articulate your needs, but the only certain way to confirm if the surgeon is really good for you, is to ask for a personal consultation. Having breast augmentation is a life-changing and exciting procedure that drives up your confidence by many notches. Once you identify the results you desire, finding that perfect surgeon will be easy.

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