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The Dos And Don’ts After A Plastic Surgery

Undergoing a plastic surgery takes a lot of mental strength. These are the times when our brains tend to overthink, making it a more nerve-wracking experience. Before undergoing the procedure, most tension exists is psychological. It’s only after we do the surgery that physical pain can manifest.

There was a 115% increase in cosmetic surgery since 2000

Preparing for a plastic surgery should not be taken lightly, so is recovering from it. We are putting ourselves under the needle so it’s only right to give our bodies the TLC that they need. According to experts, fast recovery from a plastic surgery is directly related to our habits that we have been doing before the operation. Which means, the healing process already begins even before the actual surgery.

Here is a guideline on the things that you should and should not do before your surgery.

  1. Eat healthily – the earlier you put extra nourishment in your body, the faster your recovery process will be. Our body can self-heal from wounds if we fuel it with the right foods. Load up with healthy proteins, fiber, and other minerals at least two weeks before the surgery. Eating greasy, sugary, and fatty foods cannot hinder the optimal results of your plastic surgery, but it can also slow your body down from recovering.
  2. Don’t smoke – there are a lot of reasons why smoking should be avoided, and this includes vaping.  The presence of nicotine in your body can constrict blood vessels, which can put you at greater risk during operation. This can also slow down tissue repair which can result in ugly scarring in major procedures like tummy tucks and breast augmentation. This should also be avoided at least four weeks AFTER your surgery. Other negative effects of nicotine on a body that underwent reconstruction are a slow healing process and even some tissue death. Other surgeons will reschedule their client’s operation once they found out that the clients have had smoke/vape six weeks prior to the scheduled operation.

    Hire a pet sitter for your fur babies before undergoing the procedure

  3. Hire a help – you should not strain your body from laborious house chores after the operation. Scheduling a help prior to your surgery will save you from extraneous movements like cleaning the house and doing the laundry. As much as possible, give your body the time to have an undisturbed rest.

It’s best to follow these steps so you’ll be mentally at peace before going under the needle.

Now that your plastic surgery is successful, it’s time for your body to recover. Here are the things that you should do during your downtime.

Refrain from driving right after a plastic surgery

  1. Be patient – the recovery period can be boring, especially to those people who keep an active lifestyle. Some people even try to undermine their bodies that it usually ends in overstraining which can prolong the recovery even more. No matter how small the procedure is, don’t expect your body to jump right back in. Take your time and listen to your body’s resting demands.
  2.  Take your medications – if your doctor advises you to take medications, then, you better do it. It’s normal for people to hate taking pills or forget the schedule but you have to be more mindful of it. Pain medications are not only for those who experience discomfort. Truth is, it helps our body achieve a more comfortable rest which is essential during the recovery period. You can skip the meds provided that your doctor gave you the go signal.
  3.  Keep hydrated and load on fiber – Anesthesia can interfere with our daily activities post-operation, which is why people are discouraged to drive right after. It can hinder some of our senses that we need in our daily activities such as a sensation of pain. Drinking lots of water can help flush out anesthesia much faster, restoring our senses back. Fiber, on the other hand, is a mineral we need since anesthesia and pain medication usually bring constipation.

Cosmetic enhancement can be a big leap of faith, but following these simple steps can make it less dreadful and can cause a lot of discomforts. Make sure to mentally prepare yourself before going into the operation and to listen to your own body post-op. Your body is bearing so much so you also have to do your part and be a good steward of it.

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