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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Secrets that You’ve Heard are 100% True

Millions of people watch the Oscars spectacle, including Hollywood’s star-makers, the designers who sketched numerous gowns, the hairdressers who crafted hairdos, and the stylists who placed the diamonds just so. With bated anticipation, they watch and wait, hoping for a red-carpet recommendation as a career-making and revenue-boosting move. But some members of the glam squad know that their names will never be mentioned on any red carpet. Expert facial plastic surgeons watch the Academy Awards to see their handiwork up there. But will they get new clients? Never! Welcome to the flashy world of celebrity plastic surgeons that treat royalty, billionaires, Oscar winners and heads of state. They meet, greet, inject and in due course, operate on VIPs, the world over. Oh, the things they see, the egos they must stroke, the tantrums they tolerate and the white lies they witness. Their memoirs ought to be memorable! Here a few things that the docs cannot say out loud…

The young and the restless seek facelifts

As is the general principle, there exists an optimal time period for a face-lift for all. The expert opinion is to opt for facial surgery when consequences are less severe and you can get away with subtle changes. People say things like “that lady never ages” or “that she looks amazing,” but a plastic surgeon mentions an actress of 29 who disliked how she looked, wanting a face-lift, saying that if she did it at that age, she would always remain 29. The surgeon explained that it didn’t work that way, as somehow clients think the year you have your procedure, is when you cease aging, as if someone froze time.  Several clients actually feel the same and have to be warned about consequences.

Total Denial to the Hilt

It’s interesting as to what people relay to the media with actresses saying they never have plastic surgery but would consider Botox or fillers. A surgeon confesses two actresses from a very well-known TV show were coincidentally being operated on the same day. After surgeries, the nurses tried to make sure the actresses did not see each other but they did and things got awkward. They looked at each other and the surgeon without saying anything and it was hilarious.

What You Read in your gossip mags is True

Multiple exits from buildings are cleverly used to divert and deceive the paparazzi but sometimes, problems are internal.  A legendary actor and his better half sued the surgeon because information about them undergoing some cosmetic procedures there, was released. A Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA violation is considered a federal offense and the FBI investigated who might have leaked the news. FBI agents loved it as they were in Hollywood interviewing celebrities who underwent surgery. The mags aren’t all bad and a lot you read or see in the tabloids, is actually true.

But sometimes they are wrong

Having female celebrities for facial surgery, often invites problems with the paparazzi. An A-list celebrity was a well known cosmetic surgeon’s second case that very day while the first was some non-celebrity from the Valley who was finally discharged, wrapped up with a scarf, a veil, a beekeeper’s hat, and really huge sunglasses. The on duty nurse escorted her out thinking that she was some VIP. Sure enough, in a week’s time, that Valley lady’s picture adorned the cover of a few magazines.

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