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Celebrity Dermatologist Reveals the Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Times change and with that, plastic surgery trends change too. Although the trends are heavily influenced by whoever the popular celebrity is at that point of time, people grow tired soon enough and move on to someone new. So it may have been Angelina Jolie’s bee stung lips at one time, and even Nicki Minaj-esque derrières, but the trends are a-changing.

Dermatologist to your favorite celebrities, Dr. Harold Lancer, has spilled the beans about the plastic surgery trends which his star studded clientele are signing up for – along with the body alterations which they are done and dusted with. With constantly shifting beauty standards, Dr. Lancer has to stay up-to-date with the look of that moment – so as to successfully give his clients what they ask for. And he has an impressive client list to boot, including Beyoncé, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian West. He has been kind enough to share some of Hollywood’s most well liked products and procedures. He also refers to himself as the last remaining dermatologist on this plant, a self-given title of course, as he says that everyone prefers to go to a plastic surgeon these days.

What’s out and what’s in

According to Dr. Lancer, most kinds of non-essential invasive surgeries are out as and so are results, which are remarkably different from what the person looked like previously. In other words, the ‘done’ look is all but popular – while minimally invasive procedures are making up 90% of all cosmetic procedures. The most popular cosmetic procedures like liposuction and Botox are still among the most demanded cosmetic procedures, although the clients now prefer mini liposculpting and mini Babytox dosages.

What we found out was that instead of making up an entire look with six-pack abs with the help of liposculpting, the celebs now opt for work done on smaller areas, like for instance, removing the excess fat underneath their chins. Dr. Lancer agrees with this. He also says that the massive behind style, made famous by the Kardashian clan’s amble backsides, and made possible by derriere implants, are also now outdated and redundant.

The face is the moneymaker

So if ample bosoms are out, what is it being replaced by? Believe it or don’t, it’s lifted noses and fuller earlobes. Dr. Lancer has injected fillers into the tip of the nose and even injected the earlobes, which are gaining a lot of popularity. The idea behind this is that the clients want to go for the newest procedures, which can lessen the signs of aging.

Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore, a plastic surgeon confirmed the growing popularity of this earlobe procedure. He says that as we all age, the earlobes keep growing, unlike the other parts of out bodies, and many feel that this makes them cook older, women and men alike. While for some, it might shrink and ‘deflate’. Injecting fat into them and making them more youthful and full looking can improve their look.

Do you micro needle?

Women are also having their cleavages ‘micro-needled’ – which is the latest popular trend, according to Dr. Lancer. It involves making small or ‘micro’ punctures repeatedly with small, sterile needles, which is said to stimulate elastin and collagen production naturally in the skin. Aside from firming up the décolletage skin and minimizing cleavage lines, the radiofrequency micro-needling procedure helps the breasts project outwards. This trend is not only limited to the Hollywood darlings, and Dr. Lancer says that the younger clientele request for these procedures, considering that deeply plunging necklines are all the rage in fashion now.

Everyone is getting them

Let’s not just draw all the attention to what procedures women are getting done, but men are not far behind in the race to look their best. After all, people are judged more by their appearances nowadays. Dr. Lander even has a line of men’s skincare products in collaboration with Hollywood sweetheart Ryan Seacrest, called Polished by Dr. Lancer. He says that even as recent as 5 years ago, only 1 out of 20 clients would consider getting plastic surgery. Now the number has increased to 1 in 8.

As the focus of majority of the clients has shifted to attaining a ‘natural’ look, the number of people opting for nonsurgical procedures and treatments are skyrocketing. Who would want to deal with the expenses and the long recovery time, which comes with surgical procedures? Instead, people are going for ultherapy, no-incision neck lifts, non-surgical Brazilian behind lifts, liquid nose jobs and coolculpting. The FDA is approving new treatments and injectables, making it safe for use and widely accessible. That’s good news for those people who have been on the fence about their desired procedure for far too long!

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