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Anesthesia Worries which Worries Most New Moms Getting Plastic Surgery

Deciding to have kids and becoming a mom is a woman’s prerogative and can actually be the most transformative, rewarding and memorable years in a woman’s life. As challenging as motherhood will prove to be, it takes quite a toll on one’s body. Pregnancy, childbearing and nursing are long-term options and may leave many moms feeling a little insecure about their bodies, post giving birth.

Often, many women consider having mommy makeovers– a series of cosmetic measures that assist and fix unwanted body changes caused during the active child- bearing years. One important consideration while preparing for such a mommy makeover, is to decide on the correct anesthetic choice for your procedure.

What are options?

Going under anesthesia is one of the very anxiety-inducing segments of any invasive procedure. Due to anesthesia, you rarely feel any discomfort during the surgical procedure and with available technology, anesthesia is absolutely safe. Understanding what your available options are and what you can expect, can help to ease your anxieties.

Anesthesia is a medicated dose given under a certified anesthesia provider’s supervision, to avoid any feeling of discomfort during a medical procedure or cosmetic surgery. Deciding on which anesthesia option suits you the best, depends on the procedure being performed. If your preferred procedure permits, you can stay awake during the procedure, or be fully sedated. For most mommy makeovers, the incumbent procedures require general anesthesia. But, if you opt for less-invasive procedures then you can do with local anesthesia and sometimes, there’s no anesthesia required.

General anesthesia

This kind of anesthesia renders you completely unconscious and you are unable to feel any sort of discomfort or even remember anything during the surgery, after the drug kicks in. A qualified and certified anesthesia provider will administer the medicine intravenously through an injection or by using a mask to help you inhale the drug. Once unconscious, your vitals are constantly monitored, things like your blood pressure, breathing and heart rate, throughout the surgery procedure. General anesthesia does have a rather long recovery time after surgery, as you need some time to wake up from your unconscious state and continue to be monitored for a couple of hours to ensure that vitals are stable.

All plastic surgeons perform invasive surgical procedures with patients under general anesthesia.  Some surgeons may perform separate surgeries for liposuction or breast augmentation using IV sedation with local anesthetic; a mommy makeover is much more complex involving several body areas and therefore, it is safer and more prudent to use general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia and IV sedation

To avoid using general anesthesia, your chosen makeover options will be rather limited. A few less-invasive procedures use IV sedation, which are also termed as “conscious sedation” and “twilight sedation,” and is paired with local anesthesia on the area being treated. IV sedation is to be administered only by a certified anesthetist, intravenously, enabling you to breathe without assistance and a breathing tube is not required. When using IV sedation, the patient may be sedated but remains awake and aware. They should not remember or feel any discomfort, and the use of local anesthesia should only benumb the area to be operated on and permits them to remain comfortable during surgery. Similar to all general anesthesia procedures, the anesthetist continues to monitor all vitals until the patient comes to.

No anesthesia option

As you possibly know, there are also many non-surgical beauty treatments which are offered by leading plastic surgeons. You could consider a no-anesthesia, non-surgical mommy makeover and achieve visible results, with low discomfort and less downtime. If this route is being considered, a few options could possibly be:

  • CoolSculpting: A nonsurgical alternative to liposuction which reduces the appearance of back rolls, love handles and other pesky fat pockets.
  • Dermal fillers and Botox injections: Treat folds and facial wrinkles with these wrinkle reduction injectables that offer longer-lasting results.
  • Cellfina cellulite reduction: For millions of women Cellulite is a common problem and many moms find their issues with cellulite increasing after child birth.
  • Intimate part rejuvenation: Nonsurgical treatments for feminine rejuvenation and laxity, such as Viveve, help women feel more confident when it comes to their nether regions.

The correct anesthetic option

Pregnancy and birth affects every woman differently, and each new mom may have her perceived problem area to address. Every year thousands of women choose to undergo a mommy makeover as a pick-me-up under anesthesia and love the results they achieve. But if you feel that undergoing the procedure under general anesthesia is something that concerns you, remember that you have non-invasive options to choose from.

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