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Recall Alert! Health Canada Recalls Farmer’s Dairy Products

Health Canada has issued a recall order earlier this week regarding several branded milk and dairy products after reports of the presence of sanitizer in these products emerged. Although the Farmer’s Dairy made an announcement about the issue, Health Canada still decided to issue a formal health notice in order to warn the public about consuming these products.

Health Canada Ordered Recall on Farmer, Northumberland, and Natural Dairy Products

The Health Canada issued the order after receiving reports from customers that the milk products they bought have this distinct chemical taste. After conducting an investigation that lasted for two weeks, the Quebec-based Agropur Cooperative pulled out its Dairy milk products from their shelves voluntarily. You can read the official statement the company released on their Facebook page below:

Official Statement of Farmer's Dairy Market

Official Statement of Farmer’s Dairy Market

The Vice President of Farmer’s Dairy also stated that they found a residual of the cleaning solution that remained on their cleaner tanker which was used to transport their milk products. Veronique Boileau also stated that so far, their findings couldn’t determine the composition of the said solution or what it’s made of. However, Boileau reassured everyone that the presence of the sanitizer would not pose any health complications or health risks to the consumers. Nonetheless, the company already made some preventive actions to pull out their milk and dairy products from the shelves.

Health Canada issued a complete list of Farmers and Dairy Products Included in the Recall

Two weeks after the confirmation of the reports, Health Canada issued a recall in major regions of the country like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. The products recalled also contained an expiration date from January 3 up to March 9, 2018. The health department had also observed the presence of the said sanitizer in other milk products like buttermilk, chocolate milk,  coffee cream, homogenized milk, and whipping cream.You can find the complete list of recalled products here (image below).

List of Recalled Milk Products Part 1

List of Recalled Milk Products Part 1

Farmer’s Dairy Took Pride in Producing Quality Milk Products Made Solely By Canadian Farmers

Unlike other dairy companies where the majority of its stockholders, shareholders, and board of directors are composed of business elites, the Farmer’s Dairy isn’t anything like that. In fact, Farmer Dairy is proud to be composed of 100% Canadian farmers. Farmer’s Dairy became the voice of the local Canadian farmers who wanted to produce high quality of milk to its consumers while supporting the local industry farmers market. The milk produced by the company is all organic, healthy and affordable for all of the Canadian citizens.

List of Recalled Milk Products Part 2

List of Recalled Milk Products Part 2

The company envisioned to provide quality and healthy dairy products for the Canadians to enjoy while boosting their overall health and well-being. Aside from that, they also made sure to provide a healthy and sustainable production of milk for the Canadian citizens. With over 12,000 dairy farms all over the country, the DFC strives to maintain its leading position to become the primary provider of dairy products in the country. The company wanted to boost the dairy industry for today and in the upcoming future generation despite the setbacks and bad reputations the milk and dairy products are now gaining in the health industry.

That’s why a slightest complication and health risks are enough for the company to take the initiative and pull out their products for damage control. They wanted to ensure and maintain their credibility of producing only the best milk products as well as promoting its health benefits.

What To Do If You’ve Consumed This Dairy Milk Product?

Health Canada Issues Recall on Farmer Dairy Products

Health Canada Issues Recall on Farmer Dairy Products

For those dairy consumers who bought Farmer’s Dairy products included in the recall list, we recommend you to consult with your attending physician for a checkup. Even if the company had assured  that it doesn’t pose any health risk, prevention is still better than cure. You can also visit the nearest Farmer Dairy market’s store in your city or location and demand a refund. If not, you can contact their website or phone for the company to issue the refund. It’s also advisable to return the affected products for further investigation and for the contamination to stop spreading.  

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