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Here Are Easy Ways to Achieve Your Clean-Eating Goals

We’ve officially stepped into the final week of 2017, and with most of the holiday season behind us, it is time to reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for the one that’s about to come. Most people consider this window between Christmas and New Year as the last chance to indulge in their favorite treats before the unrealistic 2018 health goals hits them hard – but having too much wine or the sugary treats before the new year rolls around, will leave you feeling sick and unmotivated to change eating habits abruptly. So why not get into the practice of eating mindfully now so that you have a head start on your clean-eating goals. Here are four simple strategies for getting your health back on track just before New Year’s Eve.

Think Before You Drink

Alcohol and fizzy drinks add excess calories to your diet and stimulate your appetite

Alcohol and fizzy drinks are the number one reason why most of us are so far away from our health and fitness goals. Alcohol is not only calorically dense but it also stimulates your appetite and make you crave foods that you wouldn’t typically eat when sober – potion control can also become a problem when you’re a little buzzed.

Once the effects of alcohol wear off they next day, you’re left with a feeling of exhaustion and sickness, leading to a lack of activity and more mindless eating. If you want to put an end to drinking away your health one wine glass at a time, consider limiting your alcohol consumption this week and opt for other fun-filled activities that don’t involve too much drinking.

Up Your Water Consumption

Add natural fruit flavors to your water to make it less boring

If alcohol is known for stimulating your appetite and causing a lack of energy then water does the opposite. Not only does it hydrate your body to rev up the metabolism but it also suppresses hunger and makes you less prone to nibbling excessively on holiday treats.

Holidays are the perfect time to feast with family and friends but unfortunately, the celebration comes at the cost of putting a few pounds once the season is over. If your body is feeling bloating after last night’s Christmas dinner from the excess sodium consumption, water is the best way to clean out your digestive system and get it back on track. Include drinking 8-10 glasses of water in your New Year’s resolution if you want to stay on top of your weight-loss goal.

Make Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day

If you want to be in better shape in 2018 then you may want to take the old adage ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ seriously. Countless studies have shown the benefits of having a hearty, balanced breakfast on weight and general health.

A nutritious meal to start the day is great for regulating blood glucose level and waking up your metabolism for faster digestion. Research also shows that those who eat breakfast regularly consume fewer calories throughout the day in comparison to others who tend to put off their first meal of the day till they’re starving which often leads to overeating and poor food choices.

A healthy, nutritious breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Try to switch things up every now and then so you don’t get bored of eating the same food every morning. Avocado toast with vegetable omelet or greek yogurt with granola and fruits are both great options for a healthy breakfast. Save overnight oats or loaded protein smoothies for those busy mornings when you don’t have the time to cook and want a quick breakfast on the go.

Cook More Often

If you want to crush your weight-loss goal in 2018, you’ll have to take charge in the kitchen. Eating homecooked meals not only educates you about nutrition but it also helps you track your meals and know how much of what you are consuming. Fast food and takeouts have gained popularity due to their affordability and convenience but these high-sodium and high-fat foods are slowly killing us. Most people who eat outside aren’t aware of the hidden ingredients in their food which are slowly deteriorating their health and making them pile on the weight.

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