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The Truth Behind Cameron Diaz’s Pregnancy: Is She or Isn’t She?

Just in her 40s, Cameron Diaz made the life-changing decision of retiring from acting, a career she has nurtured since she was 21 years old. She made the big announcement in March of 2017, stating that all that traveling for shooting movies was making her tired. Perhaps one deciding factor was Diaz’s intention of spending more time with her new husband, Benji Madden, the lead guitarist of Good Charlotte. Perhaps the actress finally wanted to take the time off to complete her family with kids.

It has been almost 2 years since Diaz bid farewell to making movies, and yet, pregnancy has remained stuff of rumors. However, recently, there have been stories circulating that the actress is apparently pregnant with not one, but two babies! According to some reports, Diaz and Madden have been trying for many years to get pregnant the natural way, but hadn’t been successful. The couple finally gave in and sought the assistance of science, with IVF reportedly being their choice of procedure. Through the method, Diaz got pregnant with twins. In case you don’t know, multiple embryos are a high possibility among women who undergo IVF treatments, but let’s not dismiss the fact that Madden has an identical twin brother, Joel, so it could just be in the genes! But even with all these details about Diaz’s pregnancy, one question remains, is it actually true or is this just another rumor?

Sadly, this news seems to be false information from unreliable sources. Unless the news came straight from Diaz or Madden, nothing can be confirmed. In fact, someone close to the actress has confirmed that she is not at all pregnant.

So does Cameron Diaz really want to have kids, anyways?  If you recall, she once was quoted saying that she felt she was not ready to be responsible for another life. Perhaps Diaz was misquoted and she did mean to have kids after all!

Although retired, the actress was recently seen during a mini Charlie’s Angels reunion with co-stars Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu at the Hollywood Walk of Fame Boulevard. Do you think she looks pregnant in the photos? We think not!

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