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Transition From a Night Owl to an Early Bird With These Effective Tips

As the world creeps into darkness and people head towards calling it a day, you begin with the tasks that have been lined up exclusively for a long night’s oil-burning. It could be about working on an assignment or simply binge-watching a show, what might seem like a great idea at the time could turn into a nuisance when the happy night owl in you metamorphoses into a grouchy grizzly bear, struggling to rush to work at 9 AM! Add to that the unsaid pressure of watching people next to you ticking off things from their to-do lists, and your mind could easily start sentencing the early birds to a gruesome punishment.


Sammy Williams/Unsplash | If you’re in the habit of burning the night oil, waking up on time can be a hell of a task. Try switching your routine upside down

Find that scenario a bit too fitting? Well, know that this article is just for you!

Science has proven time and again that an early beginning sets the tempo to the entire day. But of course, this fact alone doesn’t convince you to wake up early, right? So, before we help you change your routine, let’s learn the pros of it.

Why should you become a morning person?

Studies have proven that sacrificing your sleep every night is the key to deteriorating your emotional and creative energy. It’s anti-therapeutic! Due to incomplete sleep, you wake up with sore shoulders, stiff neck, or a bad back most mornings, which leaves you foggy and lethargic the entire day. And the worst part is, late bedtimes give rise to chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease in the long run. 

Morning people, on the other hand, are the productive go-getters who, by the way, are also less likely to drink, smoke or be depressed. So by becoming an early bird, you’re actually giving yourself more time to invest in your day along with peace of mind. And glowing skin!


Alex Sheldon/Unsplash | By becoming an early bird, you’re actually giving yourself more time to invest in your day along with peace of mind, and glowing skin!

So, my sulky friend, here are 4 stunning tips that will help you transition into a morning lark schedule.

#1 – Plan the night before

Mornings are for executing tasks rather than struggling with where to start. So, prepare a calming ritual that gets you going the next day. Set out your clothes, prep the lunch, and if you’re going to learn, have the books and other resources ready.

#2 – Don’t be wired

Before you sleep, disconnect yourself from all electronic devices as the light from them can promote wakefulness (it can also drive away your drowsiness causing you to toss and turn for hours). You may, however, listen to mellow music that will lull you to sleep.

#3 – Follow a schedule

Sleep experts believe that waking up at the same time every day is of utmost importance as it helps the body to adapt itself. Move your bedtime earlier by 15 minutes each day, which will enable you to wake up 15 minutes earlier. Try your best to stick to a fixed sleep schedule.

#4 – Look forward to something when you wake up

Start with something that deeply matters to you. Work on the passion project, take a course or engage in 20 minutes of moderate exercise!


Fernando Brasil/Unsplash | If you have something to look forward to the next day, you can wake up with enthusiasm

To wrap it up

Undoubtedly, it’s difficult to change your routine if you’ve been a night owl since time immemorial. But change is the only constant in the stream of life. So, throw yourself a challenge, follow these tips, and after a few days, you’ll be seen convincing others to wake up with the birds!

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