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How Simon Cowell Dazzles X-Factor Fans with His Bright Smile

There is nothing prettier than a set of brilliant white teeth! Once you see it, you adore it. We brush every day to have fresh breath and good teeth. But, it seems some people are more fortunate to have sparkling white teeth. How many of us have seen Simon Cowell smile?

That guy’s teeth have no rival in the entertainment industry. There are many ways one can achieve this type of teeth. It is either through a cosmetic procedure or with a range of whitening products on the high-street.

Over the years, Cowell’s teeth have been a subject of controversy. It is a common occurrence that as we age, our teeth lose its sparkling color. But for the music mogul, the reverse is the case.  Every year, Simon’s teeth look more prominent and whiter than the previous year.

The question at is, what is he doing that we are not doing? Some people believe Cowell make use of the cosmetic procedure to look this great. People accuse him of having a lot of plastic surgeries on himself.  However, Cowell has not bothered to defend himself and has allowed critics to say whatever they feel is right.

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