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The Secret to Meghan’s Luscious Hair Revealed

A woman’s hair sometimes take a lot of work to maintain, especially when you want it to always look great. You have to wash, dry, and style it – a process that sometimes takes forever to finish! By the time you’re done, you’re late for work or school.

Washing is one of the most important steps because if you don’t do this everyday, you will end up with greasy looking hair that’s not attractive at all. Nonetheless experts agree that the hair’s natural oil should be retained, and that’s why some of them advise to not wash one’s hair too often.

Some cannot imagine the horror of going out with greasy hair, and this is where dry shampoo enters the scene. A brand that can be trusted is one that a duchess uses, which is the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. One of the product’s biggest fans is none other than the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan!

Some brands of dry shampoo do not help hair at all; they even make it appear worse than it already is without washing. But not the one by Oribe that Meghan raves about. The former actress has been using it since her Suits days. Her hair stylist used to apply the product by making her put her head down and then spray it all over her hair. This trick gives the duchess’ hair an extra bounce.

The famous royal is not the only fan of this dry shampoo by Oribe.  Others celebrities who love it are Kate Hudson and Avengers actress Elizabeth Olsen.  They all gush about this dry shampoo, and so do many other commoners like us.  Some have left reviews on various blogs and websites claiming that it’s the best hair product they’ve ever purchased because it gives hair triple volume, while others have said that the dry shampoo’s best feature is that it doesn’t leave any sticky or powdery residue on hair.

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