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Royal Reporters Suspect Meghan of Writing Her Own Instagram Posts

Meghan Markle is not new to the internet or social media.  Before she even met Prince Harry, she had a strong internet presence.  She used to have an Instagram account she frequently shared photos on, in fact, her account was conferred with an ‘influencer’ status.  Meghan also had a lifestyle website that she managed on her own called ‘The Tig.’  When she got engaged and was about to marry Prince Harry, she had to erase all of her electronic footprints from the internet.  But it seems Meghan is finding it hard to stay away from the cyber world, at least according to some royal reporters.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would be moving out of Kensington Palace and shift their residence to Frogmore Cottage, the famous couple also surprised everyone by making their own Instagram account public, with the handle of @sussexroyal.  The first post of that account was published on April 2, 2019, welcoming followers to their account and informing them of  they would be sharing mostly announcements from the Duchess and Duke, the causes they support and other work that drives the couple.

The royal family already have official Instagram accounts of their own to share photos, announcements, and events which they are involved in, so the new account had royal reporters speculating that perhaps Meghan are writing the posts on this account personally.

In one instance, Chris Ship, the royal editor for ITV News, suggested on Twitter that it was the duchess who was directly thanking people who have made charity donations in exchange of baby presents on their Instagram page.

On the other hand, royal commentator Patricia Treble suggested that it was obvious that Meghan was the one writing the content, because of some terms on the post that are not commonly used in Britain, like the word ‘diapers’. Another royal reporter, Victoria Murphy, focused on the informal tone of the posts.  Despite these royal reporters picking on the Instagram posts of Meghan and Harry, they say there is nothing wrong with it, in fact, everyone lauded the effort that a member of the royal family was making to have a direct and personal connection with the public.

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