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Why You Need To Travel ASAP

Just imagine listening to the waves as it kisses the shore, the sun that shines brightly giving us a good tan, and a perfect meal to experience new culture. Just imagine being out there and experiencing what a wonderful world we have. Feel that kind of joy as the plane takes off and lands in a foreign place. Wouldn’t that be nice?

People travel more because of the feeling they get when they do. According to recent surveys, the younger generation travels more as compared to the previous ones. We might wonder why they value travelling more than settling down. Well, here are the top reasons why travelling is actually good for us.

Travel means adventure

Bondi Beach is one of the surfing capitals on the world

Travelling means having to explore a lot of places. Go trekking in Machu Picchu, surfing with the waves in Bondi Beach, or diving with sharks in the Bahamas. No matter which country we decide to travel to, there are just too many things to do and places to explore.

Aside from getting the satisfaction of taking scenic shots during out travels, our brain is also reaping some benefits from it. Our brains are hard-wired to feel excitement which makes people happy. The excitement of going on an adventure seems to cater this craving perfectly. This excitement and satisfaction is the reason why people become so attached to it. They can’t seem to get enough of travelling, even just after one experience.

Learn new languages

What better way to learn about the language of the place than travelling? When we go to foreign places, the language barrier can really hinder us from communicating properly. It would be difficult if we can’t speak with the locals on their native tongues since they obviously know the place more than we do.

Tourists who visit countries that don’t majorly really speak English, decide to pick up the basics of the language. At the end of the trip, we’ll find ourselves using phrases like thank you, good day, and how much. These may be simple words but we won’t be able to learn them unless it’s the only choice we have.

Travelling lowers the risk of depression

Mental health issues like depression is a societal issue that we have to address more. Some people who suffers from it are either advised to seek professional help or take anti-depressant medications. For those who are not comfortable with doing the two things, should try to travel.

Studies show that women who travels at least twice a year has a lower chance of depression compared to those who don’t. Going out to the world and experiencing new things can make the person happy and satisfied with own’s life. That is the reason why travelers we see everyday tends to be happier than those who are stuck in the office for the entire year.

It reduces stress

Be one with the local but with an eye of a tourist

We can’t help but admit that there are just too many things in our life right now that aren’t going the way we planned it to be. Stress form office, school, and even relationship can take a toll on our emotional health. Good thing there is a fixer-upper for this kind of episodic stress- travelling.

In a recent survey, people who had just come back from a vacation reported feeling less anxious and stressed. Travelers become more rested and they could see themselves being in a better mood. Maybe this has something to do with being in contact with mother nature. After all, grounding or earthing has been proven to boost overall mood.

It makes us better people

Travelling makes us realize that most of the stereotypes we hear are actually false. We meet different people who came from different walks of life and we learn valuable life lessons from them. Being one with the locals when we travel makes us appreciate that diversity is beautiful.

One of the best thing from travelling also is that it gives you a different perspective in life when you see that a majority of the people is facing some kind of battle. The world doesn’t revolve around ourselves but on shared humanity. We learn compassion and being genuinely nice to one another. In the end, we become more inclusive and appreciative of the people around us.

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