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Prepare to be Terrified with Jordan Peele’s New Twilight Zone

When you see Jordan Peele, it’s hard to imagine that he’s an award-winning script writer, and producer.  That’s because Peele rose to fame first as a comedian, with Comedy Central’s sketch comedy series Key & Peele being the most famous show he has starred in.  As if accolades from the movie he’s written and directed, Get Out, and the one he produced, BlacKkKlansman, are not enough, Peele conquered the horror film genre with the critically-acclaimed Us.  It seems Peele is just starting experimenting with the horror genre, because he’s rebooting the classic TV series The Twilight Zone.

The Twilight Zone was a television series created by Rod Sterling, first shown in 1959.  It tackled different genres, included horror, suspense, psychological thrillers, science fiction, and fantasy.  What’s unique about the series is that after the gruesome storytelling is done, a moral of the story is revealed in the end.  The reboots in 1985 by Wes Craven, and again in 2002 with actor Forest Whitaker hosting the show, starring many famous stars, were not as successful as the original, but it seems Peele’s version is going to rattle viewers.  At least that’s what the critics are saying.

Needless to say fans have this thought in their mind that the black and white incredible storytelling of the original is hard to beat, and they think another reboot won’t be as successful as the first one.  But Peele didn’t disappoint, although it still doesn’t come to par with the original, Peele’s first two episodes of the series come close.

To keep the show’s fans on tether-hooks, the first two episodes was made free to watch via YouTube by CBS.  The first episode, entitled The Comedian, is about a standup comic that stars Kumail Nanjiani, while the second episode, Nightmare at 30,000 Feet, a remake of a story about a reporter with PTSD on a flight going to Tel Aviv, which stars Justin Sanderson.

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