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All You Need To Know About Avoiding ‘Tech Neck’

Today we often spend more time in deep contemplation of cell phones than we spend looking at or talking with each other, it is no surprise that technical devices overuse causes rapid ageing. New diseases abound and the tech neck is caused by repetitive tilting the head downwards to look at your mobile phone, therefore causing the delicate neck skin to wrinkle and show signs of aging prematurely. Then there are other quirks like furtively scanning apps while meetings are in progress or rushing to answer calls which use the silent mode and what not! But do not fear, as your friendly dermatologist’s office has a plausible fix for you.  The world of aesthetic medicine, cosmetic dermatology and plastic surgery has solutions for tech neck which is the carpal tunnel for the generation weaned on the mobile phone! The scoop on tech neck is that it is an interesting topic ranging from its prevention, to finally ridding yourself of those dreaded lines on your neck, all thanks to technology.

Of late, there is a sudden uproar about ‘tech neck’ becoming a new skincare concern. But why? Every human generation is evolving faster, becoming very tech savvy and striving harder in the hyper-connected world we occupy. Constant folding of neck skin from repetitive motions, plays a role in the rapidly aging neck. Aesthetic concerns then arise with tech neck manifestations such as loose skin, creepiness, double chins and ugly wrinkles. With the dawn of the selfies era, neck treatments, both preventative and corrective, have now increasingly become an area of concern.

Six Innovative Methods of Treating ‘Tech Neck’:

Body Self-Awareness

The first step in treating tech neck, according to experts is maintaining your head and torso at a zero degree angle and practice being completely aware or conscious about your alignment and posture are the key steps. Once you are conscious about your posture and alignment, half the battle is won.

Injections that melt fat

If you are serious about trying to remove the “double chin” or “turkey neck,” Kybella injections should be the best treatment for you. These injections contain a cytotoxic agent which destroys all adipose cells and eliminates fat in the neck area has just secured FDA approval the previous year. This is a huge breakthrough in the battle to achieve the perfect profile.

Fillers with Hyaluronic Acid

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid are the best choice for removing all horizontal lines that are deeply etched into your neck. These fillers are prescribed as these provide immediate results.  An antidote called hyaluronidase, is also available; it is an enzyme for breaking down hyaluronic acid and if patients are not satisfied with results achieved, the product is dissolved immediately upon injection, rendering it a safe and effective option to delete those neck lines.

 A Botox Touch

This is for those who develop a ropey look in the neck. The well-known and famous household name Botox is very handy when it addresses the aging neck. It helps in relaxing the vertical muscle, or the platysma, which gives certain aged people, a ropey neck.

 Radiofrequency Waves

Laser treatments such as the Fractora, which is the newest ablative radio frequency fractionated technology, serves to stimulate the fibroblast cells of the skin and helps to regenerate collagen thereby tightening the skin.

Intense Pulsed Light

The intense sunlight causes skin damage and to repair sun damage and retain overall skin texture, a non-ablative like Lumecca is ideal for the skin to heal. In recent months, experts opine that there have been more requests for neck consultations and treatment to tackle various neck concerns. Neck treatments generally go hand in hand with facial treatments. Nobody would ever want a rejuvenated and fresh youthful face and an old, ropey neck!

Are These Preventative Measures Effective?

Eradicating technology is highly unlikely in this day and is akin to tilting at windmills and eventually, age, body self-awareness is the next best thing to prevent tech neck by maintaining your head at 0 degree angle and practicing consciously about the posture and alignment. Should you prefer an in office approach, all procedures listed should be practiced to delay premature aging of your neck.

If you choose to have an ‘at home approach’, there are plenty of formula creams available in the market that actually boost moisture, plumps out fine lines, resurfaces and tightens loose neck skin. These instant rejuvenants are useful along with simple neck exercises to keep away the dreaded Tech Neck wrinkles. Only you can help prevent premature neck wrinkles!

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