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Meghan Markle Received Tons of Praise For Her ‘Real’ Post Birth Appearance

We have been so used to many people bashing and criticizing Meghan Markle’s every move, that the news of many mothers around the world applauding her on how she made a public appearance just 2 days after giving birth, is indeed a welcome surprise.

After a very long wait, the duchess finally gave birth to a son on May 6, 2019, and just two days after that, the new royal parents introduced to the public, their new son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

Instead of on the steps of some hospital, the Duke and Duchess introduced their newborn son at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle.  People would assume that the center of attention then was Archie, the new royal who is now 7th in line to the throne, but no; most eyes were actually on Meghan and how she looked just two days after giving birth.

For the outing, the Duchess of Sussex chose to wear a white sleeveless trench dress, again by Givenchy, the fashion house who made her wedding dress. Some praised he courage for wearing white after giving birth, since she would have still been experiencing bleeding then. But most compliments are directed towards how she had a post-pregnancy glow and she did not try to hide her post-pregnancy bump.

Some people would just assume that once the baby is birthed and out of the body, a woman’s bump miraculously disappears. But the fact is, the bump won’t disappear that fast, and many have applauded Meghan for not camouflaging her post-baby bump with some fashion or Hollywood tricks.  Many have pointed out how she has made people realize that it’s only normal to still look pregnant shortly after giving birth, and still go about looking a bit tired right after.

The honest truth is that a woman’s body, especially the abdominal area, has been stretched for many months and has gotten used to that.  This is the reason why the bump remains even when the baby’s out, and it will take weeks, even months, for it to go back to its original form. That’s just how it is.

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