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Why Lady Gaga Doesn’t Want Ex-Boyfriend Christian Carino to Contact Her

No, it isn’t Bradley Cooper’s fault.

When news broke out about Lady Gaga’s breakup with fiancé Christian Carino, many assumed it was because the cozy friendship between Cooper and Gaga, who both starred in the movie A Star is Born. As it turns out, there are more complicated issues surrounding this relationship. Now sources claim the famous singer-actress doesn’t want her ex-boyfriend to contact her at all.

Lady Gaga started dating Carino after ending her engagement with actor Taylor Kinney. They got engaged in secret in 2017, but after that everything seemed to go downhill, with people close to Gaga saying Carino did not treat the pop superstar well towards the end of their two-year relationship.

It’s said that a relationship is doomed if friends do not like the person you are dating, which is what happened with Gaga and Carino. Apart from that, he was also very clingy and wanted to know where the star was at all the time. Because the relationship became toxic and interfered with her work, Gaga finally decided to call it quits.

Apparently Carino was relentless and still tries to pursue Gaga after the break up. Sources close to the star even said that he ‘hounded’ her, which is why the Bad Romance singer decided to put her foot down and asked her ex to not contact her anymore. We hope it won’t come to this but it looks like we can smell a restraining order brewing in the near future.

Lady Gaga has apparently moved on to another guy. We are not referring to Bradley Cooper, he is still very much in-love with partner Irina Shayk, as they were photographed recently, caught indulging in some PDA. Cooper and Gaga were great actors, and their chemistry was apparent during their Oscars performance. The singer perfectly addressed the rumors by pointing out they were performing a love song, and of course, they would have to act the part, too.

Gaga appears to have moved on from Carino, there are rumors circulating she is dating Avengers: Endgame actor, Jeremy Renner.

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