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Kris Jenner Revealed that Her Daughters Earn Six Figures from their Sponsored Posts

It is a known fact that the Kardashian-Jenner clan includes some of the richest people in the world, and they are also successful entrepreneurs. Not only do most of them have a beauty or lifestyle brand attached to their name, but they are also social media influencers who make some serious money from product endorsers. This is why their businesses succeed, because people want to buy what they use.

That is the same reason why many companies offer the Kardashian-Jenners an opportunity to advertise their products on social media. Momager (mom-manager) Kris Jenner recently revealed how much her daughters are getting paid for each advertisement and yes, in case you don’t know, each and every post about products are paid for! Their Instagram and Facebook posts and stories featuring products have a corresponding fee attached to them. To the shock of many, Kris revealed that the fees is definitely in the six figure range!

Kris didn’t reveal the exact amount her daughters are getting paid, but she did say that if the product is something that people put on their body, or ingest, then the associated fee would definitely be higher. If you follow the social media accounts of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, you may have seen Kim’s posts on diet shakes, Khloe promoting skincare products, and Kylie advertising vitamins for skin and hair. Now just imagine how much money they made for those posts!

However, let’s not forget the downside of these social media endorsements. The sisters have seen a lot of backlash on some of their advertised posts, like Jameela Jamil calling out the sisters for the ‘slimming teas’ and ‘appetite suppressing lollipops’ that they promoted. Jamil, as well as a whole lot of medical professionals, say that these weight loss aids are not good because of the harmful body image it represents and the side-effects it has on one’s body, with prolonged use. Kim stands by her endorsement decisions, explaining that there will always be a backlash to anything she decided to promote, and what makes it all okay is if she believes in what she’s promoting.

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