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Kendall Jenner says Marriage is on the Table with Boyfriend Ben Simmons

If there is one Kardashian-Jenner family member who is not very outspoken with respect to her love life, it’s Kendall Jenner.  Well, not until recently, when the model and star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally opened up about her low-key relationship with NBA player Ben Simmons to Vogue Australia.

Jenner, who is on the magazine’s May cover, did not hold back when asked whether her relationship with the Australian-born Simmons could possibly be going towards the direction of a wedding.

The Adidas brand ambassador answered with not a “no”, but with a surprising “maybe”, getting people’s hopes up that she could possibly become Mrs. Simmons someday.  She elaborated further by saying that there is a chance one day that she and the NBA player would tie the knot, but definitely have no such plans at the moment.

The model explained that she has her reasons for keeping her relationships low-key, since she has learned so many lessons from what her sisters dealt with, referring to their many break-ups, baby drama and marriages.  Jenner further explained that she considers all her relationships, both romantic and friendships, to be very sacred, which is why she wants to keep them as private as possible.

Yet, even if Jenner has no plans of marrying Simmons in the near future, their relationship has definitely turned into a serious one.  As per Vogue Australia, before her interview started, the model FaceTimed the Philadelphia 76ers point guard.  Furthermore, while her makeup and hair was being done for the cover shoot, Jenner watched Simmons’ game via live stream.

But the reality star is keeping it real when she said that growing up on TV with their reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, she has learned to keep relationships private because she sometimes doesn’t know where they were going, and if they will last or not. But it seems Simmons is an exception, because Jenner, who rarely confirms rumors, admitted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in early 2019 that she’s indeed going out with the Philadelphia 76ers basketball star.

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