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Katy Perry Talks Fashion and Her Latest Wacky Shoe Line Drop

People learned something new about Katy Perry recently – that you can’t expect her to wear something ordinary and normal!  The singer is slowly becoming a style chameleon and however strange her fashion style may seem to some folks, it works and  we love it.  Perry has applied her out-of-the-box style to her Katy Perry Collections footwear line that just introduced its new summer-ready styles.  Her shoe collection is the singer’s way of sharing her style with those who have the same fashion taste as hers.

Perry compared designing her shoe line to storytelling, getting inspiration from the vast universe, from movies, music, to different places one visits. Personally, the singer admitted her inspirations right now are travel and food.  You would notice that some of her shoe designs for the summer include food items like fruits.  Her personal favorites are the watermelon slides that is perfect for the summer season.

Speaking of food, Perry couldn’t just talk fashion and not be asked about her outfits for the 2019 Met Gala, one of them being a Cheeseburger costume.  But not all eyes were on her strangely funny costume, as some were focused on her Cheeseburger sneakers.  As it turns out, they are also a part of the Katy Perry Collections footwear line, and they’re called the Munchies. The singer and entrepreneur said this design has been selling like hotcakes online.  She got a lot of inspiration for her line during her travels to Tokyo, Japan, and the Munchies were born out of this inspiration.

Her most-talked about outfit for the Met Gala, though, was the chandelier.  She was asked on the red carpet how she would sit wearing that costume, to which the singer answered, “You don’t sit at the Met.” She admitted that she and longtime designer friend Jeremy Scott had planned the chandelier was only meant for posing, while the comfy cheeseburger costume and the lettuce dress was for sitting and partying.

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