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Harry & Meghan are on the Lookout for a Royal Nanny!

If Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee was real, one of them would probably be hired by Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  After all, their baby is already very famous even if he or she hasn’t been born yet, so nothing but the best for the royal baby.  All kidding aside, it looks like the royal couple is on the lookout for a nanny for their much-awaited baby.

Even if they prove to be able to care for their soon-to-be born baby, the duke and duchess will surely need the extra pair of hands, especially with their busy schedules and travel.  Sources claim that the couple have already contacted a reputable London agency to hire a qualified nanny for their baby.  Along with this information, the source informed Entertainment Online that the couple may be considering an American nanny.

Some people close to Meghan have already opened about how the duchess is a natural caregiver, something that a lot of people may not know.  In fact, despite having many staff members available at their beck and call, Meghan still chooses to cook and take care of her husband.  But, even though it may appear that the duchess can take care of her baby all by herself; a professional nanny is still needed.

Nonetheless, nanny or no nanny, Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, is a much needed presence during the duchess’ birth and in the days after.  It would not be a surprise at all if Ragland would extend her stay after the birth, especially when the couple’s new home can accommodate her stay.  Harry and Meghan have just recently moved to their new residence, Frogmore Cottage, located at the Windsor grounds.  It has been reported that the former staff residence has been converted to a 5-bedroom home for the royal couple.

It was announced that Meghan is due in spring of 2019, but the date has not been confirmed.  With her recent absence at the Easter celebrations hosted by the royal family, it looks like we do not have to wait long.

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