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These Celebrities Finally Speak Up about Their Struggle with Anxiety and Depression

An individual’s fight against anxiety and depression is lonely, as one feels utterly lost and alone at times. But successful and well-known athletes, politicians and celebrities, are among the 350 million people worldwide coping with severe depression. They are not opening up about their issues and sharing their strategies to overcome depression and anxiety, to help others like them fight their battles.

Ariana Grande had been silent about the 2017 Manchester bombing during her concert, even as many people suffered severe, tremendous loss. Now, the 25-year-old pop-star shares her experiences about PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and anxiety. Though she always had anxiety, it never was physical before the incident and for a couple of months after, she was totally disorganized.

Kendall Jenner recently confessed to anxiety struggles. After working continuously for three and a half years, the highest-paid model in the world suffered from a debilitating spell of anxiety and intense neck pain. In 2017, she consciously slowed down, becoming selective with work, while deciding to tackle her anxiety. The most helpful medicine was her old love of horseback riding, which made her happy.

Lena Headey, the Game of Thrones actress discussed her 2017 battle with postpartum depression when it was finally diagnosis, stating that if you don’t share and don’t connect, you just cause more isolation.

Catherine Zeta-Jones the Oscar-winning Chicago actress has been very open about her struggles with bipolar disorder.  Her bipolar II disorder symptoms which flared up following Michael Douglas’ cancer diagnosis in 2010. She wasn’t the only person who suffered on a day-to-day basis and according to her, if she helped anybody by discussing bipolar or depression, then that was great.

J K Rowling struggled with depression before creating the fictional world of Harry Potter.  Her tendencies toward depression when young, became acute after marriage. Her newborn daughter, an idea for a series of books and with an old typewriter inspired her to rebuild her life.  During Harvard’s commencement speech in 2008, Rowling spoke about the impossibility of living without failing, unless one lives so cautiously that they need not have lived at all.

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