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Bella Thorne Shares Her Cheap Hair Dye Trick

There are only a small number of celebrities who carry a head of fiery red tresses, and Bella Thorne is one of them.  And in case you are wondering what the star’s secret for very bright red hair color is, you might be surprised to know what her secret is – it’s beer!

Yes, you read that right, good ole’ beer! You may have thought all this while Thorne spends hundreds of dollars at a salon in Beverly Hills just to get that bright red color on spot each time, but she doesn’t, just a couple of dollars for a beer.

The actress and model is known for starring in TV shows like My Own Worst Enemy, Big Love, and Shake it Up.  Recently she has also tried her hand in business, launching her own cosmetics line called Thorne by Bella.

Thorne may be known for her bright red locks, but did you know that red is not her natural hair color at all?  The newly minted business mogul is a natural blonde.  However it’s red that she’s most comfortable with.  When she was asked by a director to switch back to her natural hair color for a movie, the actress reportedly was brought to tears.

True to her word that she uses beer for her hair, Thorne was seen at a hotel pool area dyeing her hair with Corona beer.  Her followers on social media who love DIY videos may have rejoiced when the star decided to give a demonstration on Instagram how to use beer as a hair dye.  Donning a red bikini to probably match her hair color, Thorne shared a video of her pouring beer over her red locks, saying that it naturally lightens whatever hair color you have.  It probably is healthy, too, since it doesn’t carry any toxic chemicals that are included in most hair dyes.

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