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How To Stay Healthy and Fit Without Doing Exercise


Stretching helps your blood to flow throughout your body, increasing your radius of motion, and can help in preventing an injury. The good thing is that you can do this anywhere, even at your desk in the office. However, keep it moderate. Don’t push it to the point of grave pain, also don’t “bounce” into a stretch.

Mile Rule

If you live close to the town, list out all the places you can drive within a mile from your home. And start walking at least a mile instead of using a car, this will also save you heavy traffic.

Tense Your Muscles

Don’t have time for the gym? No worries. Try tightening your stomach muscles for about 3 to 10 seconds. Repeat it for 4 times. Your peers won’t even know that you are working out. This workout can lower your blood pressure too.  

Get a Jogging Stroller

Your little ones don’t give you enough time to do a workout. Then take them with you too! A stroller can make your jog full of adventure. So strap in your baby, get some emergency supplies, and see the world.

Have Leash, Take a Walk

Owning a dog can make you more physically active. The guilt of that wasted gym membership is nothing as compared to the look he will give you when he wants to go out for a walk. So grab his leash, and a Frisbee, and save that gym membership fee for dog’s treats.

Walking Meetings

Need 30 minutes to catch up with your peer? Do it while walking and hit two birds with the same stone. This will get you some exercise, and you will also do your job better.

Take the Stairs

In one minute, a person of 150-pounds  burns up to 10 calories while walking up stairs, as compared with the 1.5 calories when taking an elevator. But if yoou aree heading to thee 35th floor, then yoou do not havee to walk alll thee way upp unless you just really want to. Take the elevator to 30th flooor and rest five just walk up. Also, take the stairs one by one. It will burn extra calories than taking them two or three at a time.

Park Farther Away

Whether you are at the grocery store, the post office, or the office, park your car farther away. You are less likely to get in the fender bender, and you will also get closer to your workout quota for the week.



Use Public Transportation

In just the city itself, an average commuter added about  15 minutes of daily physical activity — mostly walking to and from trains or buses — when they preferred public transportation. That is about 105 minutes out of the recommended 150 minutes of gentle aerobic workouts suggested for every week. Also, this will save gas too.

Take the Long Way Home

It’s a trash day, you are going to have to put your shoes and coat on anyway. Why not take a walk around the block while you are at it? If the weather is fine and you have got the time, give yourself a shot whenever you have to be out on the foot.

Bike to Work

A bike commuter group or a local message board can help you to find the safest route. In fact, there is already lots of help out there. A lot of companies even provide places for you to clean up after you are done with the ride.

Stay off the Couch

Don’t settle in with a bowl of popcorn to watch TV. Put the remote somewhere in the room so that you have to move your butt to change the channel. Ride a workout bike or run in one place while you are watching do push-ups during a commercial break, or just clean the living room. You will burn calories and also stay away from the fridge.

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