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With These Simple Tips You can Take Control Over Your Type 2 Diabetes

We all know that managing type 2 diabetes is not just about taking pills. So you have tried hard to make better food and lifestyle choices. But still finding it hard because figuring out what is healthy and what’s not is very confusing.

For instance, take these habits which you be following daily. They might seem like they are beneficial for you, however, they could actually be crippling your efforts.

1. Buying “sugar-free” foods

The market is full of foods that claim to be diabetes friendly( they don’t have added sugar). However, most of them have sugar substitutes that do contain carbs. So it means that they have the potential to raise your blood sugar level.

So next time before you put something in your cart, recheck the nutrition details to see how many grams of carbohydrate are present in each serving, also how much sugar is added to it.

2. Swapping meals for meal replacement bars

Losing weight may help, and food replacement bars can seem like one easy option to slim down. Most meal replacement products are particularly aimed at athletes. So they will be high in calories. Others may contain ingredients such as sugar alcohols (for example sorbitol and mannitol), which may cause stomach problem.

Occasionally, munching a bar for a breakfast when you are pressed for time is pretty OK but you have to pay close attention to the nutrition facts as well. However, it’s wise to stick with the real meals.

3. Loading up on vitamins and supplements

A diet with lots of vegetables and fruits should fulfill all your need of nutrients. Multivitamin can help you to fill in the gaps, however, it still can’t match with the real food.

Some people also take supplements such cinnamon and chromium to keep their blood sugar levels in check. It’s pretty unclear if it really works. If you are planning to try them or any other supplement consult with your doctor. He will make sure it is safe for you or not, plus it won’t interact with any other drug you’re taking.

4. Drinking juice


5. Downing diet soda

It might be carbohydrate-free, calorie-free,  and sugar-free, however, you can still aggregate it. One study revealed that people who are overweight if they rely on diet soda normally end up taking in extra calories from the food. Why? Because diet-drinker might think that they are taking no extra calories on drinks and can afford to party on food. Artificial sweeteners can also puzzle your body as they are sweet in taste but don’t contain calories.If you are craving for a cola then having it once in awhile is OK.

6. Avoiding all high-fat foods

A little fat is good for you, are you pick the right one. You should avoid all the saturated fats like the one present in meat and dairy products and banish trans fats completely. However monounsaturated and the polyunsaturated fats are good for you.

In fact, a few high-fat foods have benefited the people with diabetes. Having nuts along with the higher-carb foods can help in preventing blood sugar levels from rising up too high. It has been also seen that people who eat avocados suffer less from metabolic syndrome.

Just be sure to keep your portion small in size. The calories add up very quickly.

7. Nibbling on 100-calorie snack packs


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