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Reba McEntire is Trying Hard to Smile Through Her Chronic Health Issue

Having been born in McAlester, Oklahoma on March 28, 1955, Miss Reba McEntire got her big break when she sang the national anthem at a rodeo competition in 1975. She has recoded music with MCA records and Mercury, topping the charts many times over, and was named Country Music Association’s Best Female Vocalist multiple times. Apart from singing, she has also acted in her own sitcom and movies, besides running many of her businesses, which also includes her personal line of accessories and clothing.

Now at 63, Reba is still going strong and ahead of her contemporaries with talks of another album coming out soon as well an a TV show being developed for her. But she is in no way superhuman. She recently opened up about her ongoing health issues, which she has to learn to manage and keep an eye on, given that she has to keep up with a very demanding schedule.

She opened up to The Tennessean talking about how she has a disc which protrudes and keeps going in an out, causing her discomfort and pain. She has to constantly work on building her core strength so that the disc stays in place. She said that she does Pilates, goes to the gym and visits a physical therapist who has helped her understand and strengthen her core muscles, which is keeping her fit and in better heath.

Reba says that her mother, Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Smith, who is 93 years old, inspires her to stay active and fit and she plans to keep up with it for the rest of her life. She candidly admits that age has caught up and it now takes her longer to loosen up when she gets out of bed and she cannot work out like she used to, but she’s trying her best to keep up. Dealing with her arthritis is also not easy for the performer, but she is trying all sorts of natural remedies to make it go away.

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