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Reality Bites: These Over-hyped Instagram Food Trends are Not Helping You Lose Any Weight

Instagram hosts some die-hard clean-eating food fanatics. Scrolling through may motivate you to splurge on an acai bowl or a matcha latte, but getting suckered by pretty colors and gorgeous photography, is foolish. Following “clean eating” fads is not the only way to get infinite energy and killer abs and at a time when diet fads and jumping onto the healthy food bandwagon is common, understand which of these social media trends must be avoided.

Green Juice

The pin-up girl holds a thick green juice and shows off her toned abs while you wonder if you could afford to invest $10+ a day for some fancy health juice. Never waste hard-earned money buying juice from one of those expensive juice bars, hoping for instant success. If looking for a beneficial beverage, opt for a protein-enriched, fiber-filled drink that is not likely to cause fluctuations in your blood sugar, just like an old-fashioned smoothie. Alternatively, rather than trying to sip fruits and veggies through a straw, why not add these to your plate? You get beneficial fiber that usually breaks down in the juicing process.

Fancy Infused Water

Ah! Those were the days when you only had two options for what kind of water you wanted; sparkling or still.  Today water options include maple, aloe, cactus and what not.  Experts are now asking people to ignore these overhyped flavored waters. Maple water is said to help with bone health and thyroid and aloe water is said to energize us, but know that there is absolutely no research to back these claims. In short, stop wasting your moolah. If you like it’s taste, then go for it, just don’t expect a magical potion to undo the damage of a bad diet or a bad night’s rest. The best thing to drink is still plain water, which is calorie-free and ensures that you remain hydrated. If your taste buds are in need of a little tempting, then sugar-less flavored seltzer is a good option.


We have all seen that girl with those abs and a flat tummy telling you how her brand of “skinny teas” have given her awe-inspiring weight-loss results. All hype! Tea-toxes or diet teas generally contain a herb called senna, which is nothing more than an over-the-counter laxative. People have been warned by The National Institute of Health that senna is safe only to be used for short term and they have discouraged it’s use over longer periods of time. Using a supplement with laxative properties with the intention of losing weight will only induce dehydration and diarrhea, in the worst of cases, it can promote eating disorders among users. Just switch over to the regular teas; black, herbal, green or even kombucha. Drinking green tea is a healthy die, as it aids weight loss without side effects. Drinking black tea lowers bad cholesterol levels and is much better than consuming a laxative.

Matcha Lattes

Okay fine! We admit that latte art overawes us and makes us watch those videos again and again. A gorgeous heart made by hand on bright green matcha tea is an artisan’s joy but caveat emptor! Matcha lattes do taste good, but coffee shops make them taste good by adding sugary ingredients such as various syrups or flavored milk. Matcha is a kind of green tea that is naturally rich in antioxidants. Folks love its earthy taste which comes from a compound called ECGC that essentially makes it a healthy beverage by breaking down the body’s fat. Pure matcha tea, not being naturally sweet, is an acquired taste. When ordering a matcha latte, consult your barista about its contents. Get unsweetened almond milk or just regular milk added to it.

Acai Bowls

At the hart of these good-looking and nutritious bowls is the superfood, the royal purple acai berry. Brimming with antioxidants that reduce the occurrence of several diseases, this humble berry is definitely adds good value for you, but are also sour and tangy. Acai bowls taste great only due to the the toppings and add-ons. The acai is often blended with some sweetener to taste good and then dunked in additives like sweetened coconut flakes, honey or granola. Trader Joe’s stocks pure frozen acai, that could be mixed with almond milk, leafy greens, and some honey which may help break down fat. Add a bit of nut butter, your favorite fruits, and hemp and chia seeds for that extra crunch.

Appetite-Suppressant Lollipops

If you made an ‘Ew’ face when reading that, then we are certain that you’re smart. And yet, the Kardashian clan is working very hard to sell them to you. Never expect a lollipop to turn you into a skinny version of yourself! Avoid crazy products that only suppress your appetites, because hunger IS natural. Have at a regular lollipop if you crave something sweet, but eat well and exercise too.

The Takeaway

Should Instagram motivate you to make healthier choices, that’s just great. But a little research about what you order at the coffee shop or juice bar will actually work wonders and not wreck your sugar-free goals. Remember that a matcha latte at your local Starbucks has 30 grams or more of sugar in it. No wonder your cuppa tastes heavenly!

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