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Nick Jonas Opens Up About His Struggle with Diabetes

Celebrities aren’t perfect. In fact, they are just like normal people who struggle with various health conditions, some more serious than others. Over the past few years, some of our favorite celebrities have left us in shock after revealing that they suffer from ailments like Lupus and multiple sclerosis. This just goes to show that diseases don’t differentiate between rich and poor. It doesn’t matter how affluential the person is, they can fall sick if they don’t take care of their health.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra made headlines in the tabloids last month with their lavish wedding ceremony, but one important fact about Nick’s health got overshadowed by the festivities. 13 years ago, the doctors diagnosed the singer with Type 1 diabetes and he is still battling the disease.

Nick only weighed 100 pounds before his doctor told him that he is suffering from diabetes and he had to lose more weight in order to manage the condition properly. The good news is that Nick, like every other sufferer, has the option of living a healthy life. He prioritizes his health by eating well and working out. He follows a high-fat, high-protein diet to make sure that his blood sugar is under control.

Nick is grateful to his family and Chopra for helping him manage his condition. His wife has been very understanding of his health issues and makes sure that he gets proper nutrition and treatment to keep his blood sugar under control. These days, Nick is healthy and active, and he wants to spread as much information about this condition to help others.

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