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Melissa Joan Hart’s Secret to Weight Loss is Oil!

Melissa Joan Hart is one of the teen stars of the 90s, the Generation X will surely recognize her face anywhere. She rose to fame with the Nickelodeon series Clarissa Explains It All, where she played, well, Clarissa, a teenager who dealt with everyday situations that people her age encountered, and so, many young viewers were able to relate to it. She’s also well known for starring as Sabrina in the made for TV movie Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and the subsequent TV show with the same name.

The actress has always maintained a petite size, but after having children, she gained a lot of weight that she struggled to lose. However, she found a way to shed the excess pounds when she partnered with NutriSystem in 2014.  Two years after that, the actress was able to lose a whopping 40 lbs, but what is her secret to maintaining her ideal body weight today? As it turns out, the 42-year-old actress and mom of three indeed has a major weight-loss secret, and she does not hesitate to share it with us.

Hart revealed to ‘PEOPLE Now’ that her daily diet includes a keto-friendly oil she discovered called MCT oil. She claimed that she adds the oil to just about anything she ingest, water, tea or food.  Apparently, the oil has weight loss benefits, something that has proven to be true for her. Hart said that taking MCT oil regularly helped her lose weight instantly and helped her keep it off.  Besides its weight loss properties, the oil gives her extra energy and curbs her food cravings.

MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which can naturally be found in coconut oil, butter, and palm oil. This type of saturated fat is composed of caprylic, lauric, capric, and caproic acid.  But if you want to get MCT in concentrated form, liquid supplements of it can be bought, which can be added to different types of drinks, such as smoothies and coffees.  The keto diet’s one principal component are healthy fats, hence MCT is considered keto-friendly. Apart from this oil, Melissa’s secret to keeping the excess weight away is continually moving and regular workouts.

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