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JLO Talks to Ellen about the Real Reason Why She Took a 10-Day Diet Challenge

Remember when JLo and her dapper boyfriend Alex Rodriguez decided to go on a strict low-carb, no-sugar diet together? Well J.Lo had specific reasons for taking up this tough diet challenge and it was not done in preparation of her on-stage performance at the Grammy Awards performance.

Jennifer appeared on The Ellen Show to chat with hostess Ellen DeGeneres about various things which also included talk of her low-carb no-sugar challenge. She said that Dodd Romero, her trainer, thought up the idea as she is a consistent exerciser and Romero wanted to shake up things and disrupt her usual regimen.

In her Instagram Stories, she mentions how tough the diet was, especially since the singer admits that her regular diet IS mostly carbs and sugar. Too much of it not only gives people a headache, but it gives you a sort of buzz, says Lopez. You definitely don’t feel like yourself when you realize that you may have a  sugar addiction problem. The challenge got easier with time, but she constantly thought about what she could eat after reaching the finish line. When would she have sugar again or have cookies and finally have bread with some butter?

Although she was dreaming of carbs and sweets all the time, her cravings died down by the time she was done with the 10 days of torture. But why the 10-day challenge in the first place? J.Lo confessed to preparing for her upcoming role in the new movie Hustlers, where she is cast as a stripper, and she was sure that her costumes and outfits would be very minimal. So she was preparing to show some skin. J.Lo plans to take up the challenge again in some time. She and Dodd both decided that she would deviate from her plan for five days, and start it again. Of course, it would need some getting used to. Clearly, J.Lo is getting ready for biggest and better things, and we are waiting for her next challenge to start to see her transformation.


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