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Duchess Meghan’s Personal Trainer Dishes about her Workout Routine

Meghan Markle’s trainer, Craig McNamee divulges exactly how the Princess maintains her remarkable physique, as a complete fitness junkie with her workouts include running, Pilates, yoga and other forms of trendy fitness techniques. The former star of Suits has spent about 3 years working with Craig, a trainer from Toronto, Canada and the 37-year-old actress is dedicated to healthy living. Meghan’s fitness takes priority as she is very attentive to her health and is prepared to go the extra distance willingly, as her hubby Prince Harry, is also a fitness freak.

When she is at the gym, there is no complaining as she’s down to brass tacks right away and thoroughly enjoys it. She was already in great shape when the duo started sweating it out together. As she was already following a rigorous yoga and running routine, McNamee kicked it up a notch higher with Meghan. This involved a lot of looped-circuit strength training additional to her grueling 45-minute workout regimen that she followed 3-4 times a week, all done early morning so that her fitness remains top priority, with the rest of the day following her work out. A high-rep count of 20 to 25, and low-weights were used with Markle, instead of going the heavy lifting route.

A huge advantage of going the higher reps route with lower weight is the improvement in the density of capillaries, those blood vessels which supply fresh blood to our muscles. This increased circulation supplies more nutrients to your muscles, which are working quite hard. As repetitions increase, burning of the fat also increases as well, which assists your body to shed pounds and also improve muscle tone.

Judging from Meghan’s lean and strong figure, McNamee’s method has proved to be effective as a more all-encompassing approach  was used with focus on posture with posterior-chain exercises (hamstrings, glutes and back) as also core (pelvic floor, back, abs and obliques). With Markle now inducted into the royal life in the UK, their gym sessions have come to an end. Meghan was and is always into her health and concentrates on committing to her workouts devised earlier and making sure that it shows in her photographs. Now with a baby on the way soon, we wonder how her workouts will change…

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