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Don’t Give up on HIIT Just Yet! Learn How to Enjoy in 4 Simple Steps

Have you heard about HIIT (high-intensity impact training) from your favorite celebrity? After trying one session, you will come out of the class profusely sweating and almost crawling. It promises to deliver fast results, but with this kind of experience, it’s quite hard to love it.

If you have been to a HIIT session, then you probably know the struggles, especially on the first day when you feel like you’re going to die from exhaustion. But those who stuck with the program have reaped rewards, so why not fall in love with it as well?

Be Comfortable

When you shop for clothes, you have to keep comfort in mind. The same goes in choosing the perfect exercise program that will work best for you.

When it comes to working out, the environment is very crucial because it sets the mood. More importantly, finding the right class means being in a room with a welcoming vibe rather than a competitive atmosphere.

Geert Pieters/Unsplash — Be in an environment with a friendly rather than a competitive atmosphere

Exercising alone is a hard choice to make so don’t make it harder by joining an intimidating class. Always remember that you also need to have fun and although HIIT may be extra challenging, it would be nice to be surrounded by people whom you are comfortable with.

Focus on Your Journey

One of the most common mistakes is comparing yourself to other people. In fitness classes, it is easy to be distracted by how awesome the person beside you seems to be but keep your eyes only to what you’re doing.

Jjonathan Borba/Unsplash — Focus on what you’re doing

Each one of us has our own pace so if you are struggling, lessen the repetitions or rest for a while. Don’t give up on HIIT just because you are a newbie in a pool of what looks like professionals because they, too, had gone through the same experience in the past.

Fuel Up

It’s a no-brainer to know that we get energy from the food we eat. However, this doesn’t mean you’ll devour anything before a HIIT class.

William F Santos/Unsplash — Munch on a banana 30 minutes before your class

There are nutrients you need to take in before a tiring session, so fuel up with a well-balanced meal with protein and carbs. If you can’t cook, then a banana 30 minutes before your class will do wonders for your body because it will replace the electrolytes lost from excessive sweating.

Outfit on Point

You should always dress up whenever you attend a HIIT class and we don’t mean a full-on glam look. There are appropriate gears to sport so that you can move freely – remember, there will be a wide-range of movements so you need something you’re comfortable in.

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