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Debra Messing Shares her Trade Secrets on How to Live Your Best Life

Doesn’t actress Debra Messing just look perfect picture to you? And looking at her today, she seems that she knows how to keep it together and  balances a very public professional life with her private personal one.  She’s found success in her career, as this year is her 10th season appearing in the popular sitcom Will & Grace. Even with a busy career, the actress has still been able to make time for her son and most importantly, for herself. So how does she do it? The actress shared little tips and tricks on how one can live their best life yet…

The actress recently turned 50 years old, and she admits self-care is something not taught to her when she was younger.  And yet, the star is thankful she has discovered this modern concept, so she can apply it to herself.  Work and taking care of her son keeps her busy every single day, and Messing commits to both her duties properly, and for that she needs to be healthy, physically and mentally.

To achieve that, Debra believes she needs to assign a few moments of ‘alone time’ for herself every day, even for just 30 minutes.  This can be done in different ways, like meditation or a long-drawn bath, but for the actress, simply staying in her room for half an hour or going for a walk, works wonders.

The lack of confidence in ourselves can often lead to self destruction or low performance.  But according to the actress, finding your inner confidence is a simple step, which is searching from within you.  Journaling is an effective way to do this, writing the things that make you happy and applying them to your everyday life can help in finding your inner confidence.  As for how to make your dreams come true, Messing suggests for you to discuss it with people, which she believes is the first step to making ones dream, a reality.

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