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Celebrity Weight Loss Tips That are Actually Healthy

Celebrities from the glamour world of films, TV shows and albums are also often well-known for their drastic diets and fitness plans, not to forget dangerous and unusual trends like the ‘Master Cleanse’. In their efforts to maintain a lithe, youthful and svelte image, many stars take up unsustainable measures to drop the pounds, while others have actually worked out how to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From soothing meditation practices to fitness classes at the break of dawn, there is a surprising lot to be learnt from TV, movie and pop stars. While you think that they only trust low-calorie faux foods or absurd restrictive meal plans just to stay slim, some celebs actually manage to live a holistic, satisfying, and balanced lifestyle. Here are the best of the celeb tips lose the excess pounds without total deprivation.

Haste makes waste

Why did Khloé Kardashian take about 18 months to lose 30 pounds? That’s because she exercised daily but didn’t deny herself all the food she loved eating. That sounds like slow progress to be aimed for, but taking enough time and following a healthy routine enables a long haul approach and helps you lose much more weight and keep it off.

Creative workouts for the busy-bodies

No one is too busy to try toning up. Jenna Dewan Tatum confirms losing her post-baby weight by doing calf raises and lunges while simultaneously rocking Everly, her little daughter for 45 minutes. Sheer genius!

Increase movement levels

Seriously, it could be a simple activity like walking. Jessica Simpson logged almost 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, besides her three 45-minute resistance-building workouts in a week, when she wanted to get rid of the excess baby weight since her recent pregnancy. Even if you’re at your desk the entire day, you could try some creative ways to keep moving more.

Don’t ban any food completely

Kim Kardashian supports the Atkins diet that got her to lose the unwanted pounds, but balanced it by allowing herself a ‘cheat’ day to satisfy inner cravings for items not allowed by the eating-plan. Smart thinking, but an even better way is to allow one indulgence per day instead of going on a 24-hour binge, say experts.

Maintain a food journal

Carrie Underwood, the country crooner, says that one way she maintains her weight is by food journaling.  The reason she maintains a food journal because she tends to binge a lot and can even out-eat everyone at the table. Once she identified this issue, she started tracking what she ate in a day, which in turn made her pay more attention to what she was consuming. Carrie uses MyFitnessPal to log in her diet, but you could also go old-school and use an actual journal.

Eating mindfully

Goldie Hawn looks amazing, specially so, given that is already 70, with no signs of slowing down, all because of the healthy habits she chooses to follow. High on her list of these habits is eating mindfully and knowing when one is full, or just eating because they are emotional and not actually hungry.

Learn to relax


Make exercise fun by making it a social activity

Melissa Joan Hart lost over 70 pounds after giving birth to baby number three. How could she manage this? The actress would turn her sweat sessions to hangout sessions, by asking friends to accompany her on walks or by talking her husband along for runs. Commit to exercising with another person, as it definitely forces you to follow your fitness routine. Check out the ways and means of exercising with a friend.

Do it for yourself only

Ultimately, you must want to lose weight for yourself, or you will not be able to lose it. Jennifer Hudson discovered this when she went from a dress size of 16 to 6. The key to losing the pounds is only doing it for yourself. Think about what you want for yourself and then start. Never let what others have to say, throw you off of what you want.

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