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While We Can’t Keep Up with Just One, Vanessa Hudgens is on Two Popular Diets

Vanessa Hudgens has one of the most enviable physiques in Hollywood, of women her age.  There’s a big chance that when there is a new diet around, Hudgens will surely try it, since she has admitted in the past, to being an ‘exercise fanatic’.  Would you believe she’s actually on two popular diets right now?  The ‘Keto Diet’ and ‘Intermittent Fasting’.

According to Hudgens, she has been on intermittent fasting for a long time now, and she does it often just so she can eat the food she loves and yet not gain weight.  The High School Musical star admitted to being a lover of pizza and pasta, both loaded with hears of carbs.  But as she can’t live without the two, intermittent fasting works for her.

Intermittent fasting for Hudgens in a day simply means that for 18 hours, she goes on a fast, and the remaining 6 hours, she eats.  This diet she follows regularly, especially when the actress is filming a movie or TV show/series, and the rest of the time, when eating, she follows the Keto diet.

Hudgens just recently tried the Keto diet because it had been working so well with a friend of hers.  Although she didn’t describe who that was, the actress mentioned that her friend is looking more youthful that ever, after being on the Keto diet.

The Rent Live star admits that being on a diet is a challenge, tough especially during the first 2 weeks.  But the secret is finding the right diet and ingredients for you.  Hudgens particularly love the amount of healthy fats she gets from her new diet, particularly from almond butter.  She says being on this diet keeps her energetic.  Energy is something the actress needs because she exercises a lot – she does Pilates and Yoga to keep her mentally healthy, and she goes to SoulCycle for her cardio.

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