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Amy Schumer’s Due Date is Near, But She Reveals She’s Still Throwing-Up

Throwing-up during pregnancy or morning sickness, usually happens in the first trimester, and not for the entirety of it. But for Amy Schumer, it’s a different thing.  The famous comedian revealed she is still ‘puking’ even as her due date is close.  She got real and shared about the rare condition she is suffering from called hyperemesis.  Schumer took to her Instagram account to let her followers know via a post.

The comedian has always been open and candid with her pregnancy journey ever since she announced that she and her husband, Chris Fisher, were expecting.  Schumer is suffering from a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum, the same issue that Kate Middleton had during all 3 of her pregnancies.

Having hyperemesis gravidarum means that while pregnant, women will experience extreme nausea that leads to vomiting.  It’s dangerous in the sense that pregnant women can get hospitalized due to dehydration.  Frequent vomiting is already hard to endure, imagine how difficult it must be being heavily pregnant at the same time.

Schumer posted a photo of herself and husband Chris walking.  She inserted a very honest caption mentioning hyperemesis and the lack of funding for research of this condition.  She points out that instead of money being allocated to medical studies for it and other conditions that women suffer from like endometriosis, it goes towards research on men’s erectile dysfunction.

Amy’s pregnancy has led to hospitalizations in the past.  She shared a photo of her on Instagram on the hospital bed after cancelling her live show, apologizing to fans in Texas who were looking forward to seeing her perform.  Schumer shared in the caption that whoever said the second trimester is better than the first, was lying.  Usually, it really is better for pregnant women after they pass the first trimester, but for sufferers of hyperemesis gravidarum, it’s a different scenario.

Some female fans praised Schumer for being honest and keeping it real on Instagram, especially when she called out the medical research disparity between men and women.

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