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Stars Who Have Aged Flawlessly

If you’re a rich and famous celebrity, especially of the female kind, then there is a lot of pressure on you to stay in shape and look as good as possible for the many cameras pointed at you. Luckily, thanks to all that money that the film industry showers on you, sticking to strict workout regimes and healthy diet plans aren’t necessarily needed. Some stars have multiple bank account stashed with wealth which allows them to test different methods – whether that’s anti-aging products or even plastic surgery – there is always a way for them to stay youthful and beautiful. Want to know which of your favourite celebs look like they haven’t aged a day in the last 20 years? Who has been secretly going under the knife for a facelift? Who has naturally youthful genes? Read on to find out…

 Cybill Shepherd – 67 Years Old

Cybill Shepherd is an actress and former model who quickly began to earn some very respectable amounts of money throughout her career. She has worked alongside actors such as Bruce Willis and Robert De Niro, both of which, she was romantically linked to. She struggled with love and had multiple meetings with divorce lawyers. She stills look great though, barely looking any older than she did when she was a heartthrob throughout Hollywood. Maybe it’s down to a great skincare routine or a varied and healthy diet. We like to think it’s just down to good genetics and the ability to look after herself.

Catherine Bell – 50 Years Old

The gorgeous and the incredibly talented JAG star Catherine Bell truly deserve to be on this flawless list. Catherine became popular as Sarah MacKenzie in the hit TV series JAG. After a successful run of 10 years the show ended and Catherine later found other projects. Her other promising work includes The Army Wives and The Good Witch. There’s been news about the revival of JAG and fans are extremely excited to see the gorgeous and flawless star in her former glory.

 Andie MacDowell – 59 Years Old

While one can track the passage of time for most people by observing their wrinkles, with actress Andie McDowell, it is as if the phenomenon is reversed. We don’t know what sort of anti-aging products she uses but they seem to be super-effective as it looks like it was just yesterday that she starred in 4 Weddings And A Funeral, which came out in 1994! In fact, the actress is 60 years old, with 3 adult children. Her good genes and a healthy lifestyle are probably the main reason for this apparent discrepancy between the truth and what our eyes observe!

Jessica Lange – 68 Years Old

Jessica Lange has been recognized as a huge influence in the movie, TV and theater industry, although the actress has also showcased her singing talent. Jessica is best known for her work in King Kong although she is also a UNICEF ambassador these days. She looks stunning for her 68 years even though she suffers from depression. She has admitted that she’s never checked into depression rehab, though, as she doesn’t believe it would work. We’re pretty sure she has a healthy diet and does some kind of fitness program in order to keep looking that good.

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