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Celine Dion Values Her Skin So Much That She Dropped $2 Million For This Device!

Utmost focus has been given to skincare, especially during this quarantine season, as more and more people opt to take care of their skin in lieu of wearing makeup. As such, we tend to splurge more for products that will make us look ethereally beautiful – and celebrities are not exempted from this.

It is worth noting that maintaining flawless skin is crucial for stars, so it’s not surprising that they end up paying tons of money to keep themselves in tip-top condition. The blinding lights on the set, pollution while traveling, and sleepless nights would ultimately take a toll, so it is just apt that celebrities invest in their wellbeing.

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock — Celine has become one of the most iconic singers

Celine Dion’s Purchase

Celine Dion knows the importance of having good skin and in fact, she is willing to shell out loads of money for different products. She prioritizes her wellbeing and makes sure that whenever the need arises, she would not hold back from buying things that she thinks she requires.

DimaBerlin/Shutterstock — The singer invested in a humidifier

When she performed several times in Los Angeles, she knew that the extremely dry atmosphere would affect her skin. So, Celine bought a humidifier in order to tackle this issue and to make sure that her skin remains radiant. That’s not all, the gadget, which adds moisture to the air, will help her sing properly. There are throngs of humidifiers in the market but the ‘I’m Alive’ singer opted for the $2-million kind. Yes, Celine takes her skin regimen seriously.

Building Her Fortune

While the singer treats her skin with utmost care like we do, Celine is by far richer than us. The Canadian artist has made her mark in the industry and has become a legend in her own right. It is obvious that her soulful voice is something that’s natural to her – this may be because she has been enriching her talent since she was young.

Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock — Celine has won several Grammy awards

During the ‘90s, Celine became a renowned international star when she sang the theme song for Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ Apart from gaining rave reviews and praises, she also bagged an Oscar and a Grammy for this stint, which was just a start of her illustrious career in music.

In 1997, Celine became the first woman to have ever performed twice at the Academy Awards. She also earned another Oscar for singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the hit tragedy drama movie ‘Titanic,’ which starred Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio.

While we can notice a decline in her popularity nowadays, she remains to be seen as an icon. According to several reports, Celine has an estimated net worth of $800 million.

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