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Kylie Says that THIS Product Gives Her Young and Glowing Skin

Who can keep up with the makeup routines of the Kardashian-Jenner ladies?  Honestly, it’s hard to do especially when all of them are either launching their own makeup lines or a website that suggests makeup products.

Fans are always on the lookout for new makeup products that Kylie will endorse on her Instagram account; because it’s the platform she primarily uses to inform people about Kylie Cosmetics products.  To our surprise, Jenner shared a skincare product on Instagram that’s not made by a company that has a Kardashian or Jenner attached to it. She let her fans know that she loves this $10 Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil by Kate Blanc.

The product is surely good, because it’s not only Jenner who gave it her ‘seal of approval,’ but many other who claim that the product does give their skin a youthful glow.  It may be the reason why it’s called a miracle-in-a-bottle.

The sun is the skin’s nemesis, as getting exposed to it for long periods of time can speed up aging.  Many people cannot help but be exposed to the sun for work or while being outdoors, and to combat the damaging effects, they look for products that can help them do so.  Kate Blanc’s Jojoba Oil seems to do this, along with benefiting hair and nails.

Jenner’s followers know how the business mogul has always been a fan of body oils, even going so far as being “obsessed” with them.  She admitted slathering organic oils all over her body every night because of the benefits her skin gets from it.  Organic oils are said to help remove dark spots and acne scars, too, besides moisturizing the skin. Pure oils are best and the cold-pressed kinds are considered superior.

Now that Kylie Jenner approves of jojoba oil, would you give it a try?

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