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Lose 100 Pounds or More With These Simple Tips

1. It’s All About Planning

If you want to shed a lot of weight, then you need to plan and play a long game. People who had lost weight and weight loss experts offer their ideas slash out calories, combat with the “hangry,” make workouts easier,  to be on track, and much more. Some are tried-and-true, and others may surprise you.

2. Go Big for Breakfast

Those who eat heavy breakfast in the morning and a light supper at night tends to lose more weight than other. Some studies also suggest that beginning your day with a high-protein breakfast — especially warm and solid food will help you to feel fuller and less hangry. The target for 350-400 calories with minimum 25 grams of protein, suggest Domenica Rubino, MD, director of the Washington Center for Weight Management & Research.

3. Keep a Photo Diary

“We have horrible memories in terms of what we eat,” says Susan Albers, PsyD, author of EatQ. Save your daily food photos in a file. Before your next meal or snack, don’t forget to review them. It will remind you what all you ate already. And this method will help you to decide to decrease or pick something else.

4. Use an App

Blogger Lisa Durant says,”I just do not see food and portions the way normally thin people see them”. She used an app- My Fitness Pal to prioritize her relationship with the food. Through the app, she tracked what all she ate and in how much quantity. This helped her to remain honest with herself. She also set fitness and weight loss goals to track down her progress. Without this app, “I would absolutely gain some weight back.”

5. Try a Meal Replacement Plan

Under a licensed dieticians care, you need to eat one regular meal every day and swap the foods with soups, special shakes, or bars. “If you can stick to it, you’ll see big results in 6 months to a year,” suggests Ken Fujioka, MD, an obesity specialist at the Scripps Clinic in San Diego.

6. Set Up Your Food Storage

Remember this rule-”out of sight, out of mind and mouth”. After you clean your home from all those treats that you can’t resist, Albers suggests taking this idea one step further. Allocate shelves in the pantry house and in the fridge so that your healthy food gets easily noticed and in reach. Put fresh vegetables and fruits at your eye level instead of in the drawer, and you are more likely to have them whenever you open the door.

7. Shop Smart

Never leave your food to chance. Get those ingredients that are on hand, so that you don’t have to get tempted to resort to take-out. Give thought about menus that work for your home. Perhaps your veggie stir-fry can also become their side dish. List down the grocery list together, in spite of the fact that you are cooking separately.

8. Find a Fan Club

A support from a group will boost you to lose more weight than doing it alone. You gain encouragement, perspective, tips with a little competition. Durant lost 115 pounds, but she started with Weight Watchers.She says “My leader was fantastic.”. Other than in-person meetings, see online forums and other social media.

9. Outsmart Your Inner Critic

Whenever you get off the track, it could be a hard thing to forgive yourself. So pretend that it is a friend who is upset because he/she slipped up, Rubino says. Send them a note. Then read it loudly to yourself. Perhaps it would likely be much kinder and encouraging than anything the little angel voice in your head could say.

10. Try Physical Therapy

You will learn to reconnect with your body says, Rubino. A physical therapist is trained to work with individuals who have medical problems and have trouble in moving in their daily lives. Imagine them as someone who would get you ready for a personal trainer. Your therapist would design a program, tailored them for you, in order to improve your strength,  balance, and various motions. Physical training can often help in easing the joint pain you may have.

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