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Childhood Obesity — A Global Epidemic

When we were young, we were always told we can eat whatever we want, whenever we want. Dieting or working out seemed like it was the least of our problems and we focused more on what was for lunch and dinner. In some cases, kids who tend to go overboard with the food and have zero physical activity whatsoever are most likely experiencing obesity at their young age.

Child obesity among children from 2-9 years of age is becoming such a common and serious problem that parents should become more aware of the risks it can impose on their children.

Around 12 million children in the United States are facing obesity

Is Being Obese Their Fault?

Sometimes we may think young kids just become obese because of their uncontrollable eating habits. Yes, it’s true in some cases but there is more to it than just that. Just like adults, some children can get obese because of genetics since obesity can sometimes run in the family.

Those children who turn out to be obese are also known for falling under a middle-class family since the more privileged ones are those who tend to consume unnecessary meals and snacks. Children who lose track of their weight gain are those who choose spend their day in bed rather than engaging in hobbies or outdoor activities.

More and more children are ditching outdoor activities for their gadgets

Any child from across the world loves to eat in different fast-food chains and grab all the sweets from the groceries. It’s probably one of most fun things to do when you’re a kid because things will get way more different when you grow older. Who doesn’t miss the good old days when all you did was eat and play without having any bills to pay or work to worry about, right?

What Happens When They’re Obese?

Being obese doesn’t just affect their physical appearance for this poses a lot of risks to their health as well. A child who is obese can develop serious health-related issues such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. A young boy from Ohio is only one of the latest public cases of an obese child who developed breathing problems and sleep apnea all because of his extreme obesity.

Obesity won’t only affect their health for this can damage them psychologically too. Their weight can lead to them developing mental health issues like depression and anxiety which they might carry on until they grow older. A lack of confidence and motivation might also happen because of how other kids in their school might negatively treat them.

How Can They Stay Away From Being Obese?

We think one of the simplest things you can make your child do to have quite the control when it comes to their weight is to let them engage in different sports and hobbies. Letting your child engage in sports at an early age because you’d never know if it would be a sport that they’d love to pursue professionally when they’re older. Plus, they burn loads of calories too.

6-7 years old is the ideal age wherein children are physically and mentally prepared to start committing to team sports

A child is also affected by his/her environment at home so if they grow up in a family that tends to eat anything under the sun, then they’d most likely inherit the same bad eating habits. What you can do is to get your whole family to follow a healthy, balanced diet so you can all put your fitness and nutrition under control. As much as possible, limit the times wherein your child consumes something from a fast-food restaurant. Soda, chips, cookies, and chocolates should also be limited since junk food, in general, is a key factor that contributes in their extreme weight gain.


If you have a child that’s obese, it’s never too late to act upon it. It’s better to do something about it now rather than letting your child grow up to become even more obese. Parents should tell their children what’s healthy and what’s not since they play a big role in the choices their children make. All you have to make sure is your child watches what he/she eats but don’t worry, you can still let them have their occasional fast food meals or junk foods.

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