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These Huge Athletes and Celebrities are the Biggest in the World!

Some athletes work tirelessly with the help of a custom diet, mental preparedness, and endless practice led by a personal trainer to achieve greatness.  But there are others who we can consider are just natural born athletes. There is no need to take vitamins to grow tall or strong, and there’s no need for special protein drinks or diets to bulk up. These natural born athletes reach staggering heights and some even weight a lot, and it’s not something that we see very often. But unfortunately some of them, like the famous Andre the Giant, grew very tall and big because of an illness that cut his life short. Nevertheless, during the years he excelled in wrestling, he entertained many, thus living a full but short life. Read on to see who else is on this unique list of the world’s biggest athletes and celebrities.

Hong-Man Choi – Height: 7’2″

It seems that even Connor McGregor would feel fear when he looks at kick boxer and mixed martial artist Hong-Man Choi standing in front of him in the ring as he would look like a giant when compared to McGregor. Choi, also referred to as the ‘Korean Colossus,’ ‘Techno Goliath,’ and ‘Korean Monster,’ stands 7 feet and 2 inches tall. His opponents would probably start shivering in fear just listening to these nicknames! You would be surprise to know that when Choi isn’t fighting, he is pursuing a career in the fields of music and acting.

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