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The Real Reason Why These Actors Were Killed Off From Your Favorite TV Shows

For a movie or TV show to work, there needs to be unity between the production team and the stars.  Believe it or not, drama unfolds not just in front of the screen, but also behind it.  Some actors are the cause for their characters being killed off – alcoholism, substance abuse, mental health issues, troubles with the law, sometimes just bad mouthing people part of the production team.  There are also times that writers and creators of TV shows are not just feeling the actors, and they make ways to make their characters disappear.  You will be surprised at this list, and may end up seeing one of your favorite TV characters on it. You know they exited the show… but how?

Patrick Dempsey – Whining & Cheating Led Him to a Car Crash

If you think Patrick Dempsey exited the TV series Grey’s Anatomy with no drama at all, well, think again.  According to reports, Dempsey’s character’s death was decided upon because of his constant demand for additional screen time, as well as an alleged dalliance with a staff member of the show.  Despite these reported claims, Dempsey and the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, maintains that there has never been a problem between them.  Dempsey’s wife filed for divorce weeks before his character was killed off in the show.

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