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Old Celebrities You Didn’t Realize Are Still Alive

Many decades since their stardom reached their respective zeniths, these celebrities are now older and wiser. For many, the flush of their youth is still evident, even at their advanced age, while for others, a lifetime of excessively lavish living have taken its toll. Stories of bankruptcy are not uncommon, though there are those that have gone the other way and increased their net worth with wise wealth management. Indeed, it’s truly interesting to see what these aging stars have been up to in retirement.

Kim Novak – Now 85 years old

Kim Novak got her first taste of the spotlight when she was crowned “Miss Deepfreeze” by a refrigerator company. This paved the way for a successful film career that spanned decades. At some point, she was groomed by Columbia to succeed Rita Hayworth as their biggest star. By the late 50s, however, her career had started its decline, although she continued acting sporadically. She officially stopped making films in the early 90s and has been largely in seclusion throughout her retirement. However, she does surface periodically to attend film festivals.

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